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H9 sukhoi 33%, and zdz 80 Pro bro package.

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I have the perfect combo for a pro bro wanting to get into a big fatty. I have a slightly used H9 sukhoi 33% with a great running zdz 80. I am selling the plane, and hardware with or without the motor. If I sell the plane with the motor the prop, and spinner go as well.

Plane= 625.00 with hardware. tank, horns, etc....

Plane with engine= 12.00 or best offer. Not looking for any trades here unless you have a NIB or LNIB DA 100.

I also have a few more pics for serious buyers.


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I'll take it for $11.00!!!

$12.00 isjust too much :(
Gator I hate to outbid you but I will give $12.00 :D
will you drive a ways to drop it off a guys looking for one at the field but i'll bid 15.95 and pay the 3.5% paypal charge
Sold it today!

No thanks to you guys! :D
capthis said:
Sold it today!

No thanks to you guys! :D
DAMN...Did you hold out and get the full $12 Bryan?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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