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Gulf Coast Pro Bros - How ya'll are?

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Well, I barely made it through Hurricane Ivan. Still don't have internet access at home, but everything else is back up. A few missing shingles, some water damage, downed privacy fence, nothing major. But any bros around Pensacola or Mobile probably didn't fare as well. Let's all pray that buildflycrash is doing OK. This thing was BAD. Don't know when they will get back to normal. Some people are going back to a concrete slab where their home used to be.
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really! it's been a real bad year for hurricanes, all right! I just missed damage from charlie by about 10 miles, and a little from francis (my sister in jensen got hit bad, though) I can only imagine how bad ivan was; charlie tore up lake wales, and it was nowhere near the scope of ivan!

on a good note, the lakeland probro is after hurricane season, so it'll be safe to come down then! :D
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