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Hello all. Lots of good information here. There is a lot happening in all aspects of the hobby. I'ts good to see a specialized site for these planes. I fly IMAC and these types of planes help tremendously with 3D practice. The electric 3D's are all the rage locally since we are currently without a field.

Don't have any profiles at the present so I'm looking for information here as to a good choice. I may try a bipe. Flew the Sig Fazer, Ultimate and Thunder Tigre Extra profiles in the past plus a few others.
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excap, look real hard at the Extreme Flight Edge 540 ARF. Its head and shoulders above the ones you listed. $149.99 at it is the best quality ARF I have seen to date. I am kinda new here to this forum so I am not sure how to post a picture. Try for some info. You can get it at your usual source but call first so he can have it in the store when you drive down. You will be impressed with this one I promise. I have a Saito .72 on mine and its a blast to fly.
I here the Extreme Flight Edge 540 is one of the best ARF profiles currently made. I would put a YS 63 on the nose and I am sure this would be a blast! There are numerous posts on this plane on RCU stating how good it flies.

Welcome fellow Pro Bro!

see you at the field!
I waited long enough to get the MOJO 40.
New Saito 82A (will it be over powered?? Certainly hope so!)
Now if I could get more building time.

Flew 3DX_Flyer's MOJO with an OS-72 at the Bealeton fly-in.
Inverted pass into a wall / tork roll got his attention. (Did "C" make you do your own laundry?)

Flying a Black Horse Diablo w/ Irvine 39 and APC 12.25 x 3.75 and having a ball. 3 lbs. 10 oz. dry. Flying for 15 minutes on less than half a tank. Thumbs get tired after that long. This arrangement would make a really nice profile. It looks much like a profile with the very narrow fuse.

Mojo or the EF Edge will be awesome. It just depends on when the EF comes back. Chris post pretty regularly here as EXTREME FLIGHT and you can PM him on arrival times.The Mojo will be ARFed by Hell Hobbies in December and be in the $180 range. I highly recommend the Mojo as to not sound like a broken record but you will soon find out its a hands down winner.........

Welcome to the Hood fellas..................

OHHHH and don't mention TOC or ACCEL in these forums. :shock: :twisted:
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