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Hi, everybody! I'm sorta new here, I've been reading forums for a while, but just now figured out how to post. I had been out of the hobby about 5 yrs. until a few weeks ago, I was surfing the net, found RCU, which led me to . I saw the SPA3D and said "COOL!, a $20 plane that does 3D! Ithink I'll try flying again!" So I dug an old radio and engine out of the attic, talked a store clerk out of some Pepsi signs and started building my $20 airplane. Turns out the radio was no good, so I bought a new one. Built my plane. Ran engine in backyard. Ran great! Went to fly my $20 airplane with my $175 radio. Engine wouldn't start. Finally started engine took off, crashed plane. Crash damage- broken motor mount. Built another motor mount. Started engine in backyard-ran great! Went to fly- engine wouldn't start. Finally got it started...plane flew great!!! No crash, no damage. Refueled tried to start engine- no luck. The next week, same story- engine runs great in my backyard, but won't run when it's time to fly. So today, Ithrew in the towel. Went to the LHS and got a brand new SuperTigre G-51. Now I'm moving stuff around and redoing conrol linkages to get this thing balanced, and then I,m gonna fly 'till the cows come home.BTW, my SPA3D does have the profile fuse on it, so that qualifies me to join this bro'hood. specs: 32" WS,32" u-channel fuse Weight:beats me? (41/2 lbs tops?). Power G-51 ringed. Can you say YEE-HAAAWWWW!!!???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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