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Greetings from Bama

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I signed up for the on Yahoo a while back but did not know becoming a ProBro was a multi step process. :roll: Looks like I finally made it!

For those of you who do not know me from RCU, my name is Eric Hammonds and I live in Alexandria, AL. Profiles have been a part of my hangar for several years, starting with a Fazer when that kit first came out. In the mid 90s I had a couple of phone conversations with the good Doctor at Morris Hobbies. One call was to the business was answered on a cell phone while he was driving his car. He got excited telling me about the MVVS 40 and had to pull into a driveway so he could make the sound of the engine going from idle to full throttle. Not long after that I drove up to KY and came home with The Knife and a MVVS 40.

My profile flying got sidetracked when I started flying a UCD, but the bug has bit once again. I got an Extreme Flight Edge and a YS 63 that is almost ready to go. I bench ran the YS today. Waiting on some CF rods to finish the plane.

If any of you are ever in Northeast Alabama stop by and visit. I have a flying field next to my house and anyone with a current AMA card is welcome to fly.

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Hey Bro, that YS will rock the house!! If you have'nt had one you're gonna love it. I just put one in a CG Extreme 540 swingin' a Zinger 14X4 and it's unreal.
I just made it to the Bro site too. I've been flyin' profiles for 6 years and love them, I currently have 3 with one on order. A OMP540, the CG540, and a Fazer. And I can't wait for the new OMP GS540P to get here. It's like being 6yrs old and waitin' to open presents on Christmas morning. I love it!!

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