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Great day for R/C in central Illinois

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Finally, an almost windless day, warm temps. Lots of fun with the OMP GS540P until....

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Details...what happend?

BTW...nice Joe Hunt DOD style scheme.
The curse of Joe Hunt trim scheme strikes again.
Details...what happend?
Pilot error..dumb thumbs...outflew my abilities...whatever you prefer

Dropped a wing when I pushed up from inverted low and slow. Semi-recovered from that, but then did the same thing again only lower. It was a nice flying plane though. Was having a ball up until then.

ProBro #57
It doesn't look that bad. Post a pic after you rebuild it.
One thing that saved your wings was the center section giving way and absorbing a lot of the blow keeping it off the wings, well that's what it looks like at least. Hate to see it ...
It's not totally obvious from the picture, but here's a brief rundown of the damage:

Right Wing: several smashed areas on the LE. cardboard tube ripped out from ribs, but not bent or broken. Nylon wing bolt ripped completely out of rib from the center section, bringing the plywood washers with it.

Left Wing: superficial LE damage

Fuse: It's completely cracked in half just forward of the leading edge of the wing. The photo shows it straightend out substantially from the position in was in when it came to rest. (plenty of right thrust in there now) The center section came loose and pulled out of the profile. I haven't been inside yet to see if any servo wires were pulled excessively.

On the plus side: wind tube not bent, motor fine, spinner fine, tail feathers untouched. One Zinger prop gone, not a great loss there.
Glad it's not that bad then.

Well clocks tickin ... lets see how fast you can post your completed repair job! GO!
Going to be out of town for a couple of weeks with work-related stuff. Maybe when I get back. Got an EF Edge to put together too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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