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Got myself a cheap ARF Katana

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Since time has been at a premium and I've yet to finish my Burrito, I picked up a cheap Katana ARF today for the equivalent of just US$80 -- which is less than it would cost to build and cover one yourself!

We've got a new model shop down-under which is bringing stuff in directly from China and their prices are astonishingly low.

To give you a comparison, the Katana ARF cost me NZ$123 from this direct importer, a Sig Fazer kit costs NZ$190 and a Thunder Tiger Extra ARF is NZ$250.

With any luck I'll find time to throw my new TT46 and some radio gear into it before the weekend and finally get some stick-time in.

Are their any things I ought to to watch while building/trimming/flying this bird?
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Its one of the easiest builds Ive ever did. The servo extentions are a pain to run down through the fuse but other then that its pretty straight forward. You may want to scrap the instructions as the suck pretty badly....good news is you dont need them. Oh an for your throttle servo ll have to cut a hole in your wing sheeting to run it back as they dont have a precut one in place. The suggested CG is very conservative, you ll want to end up about an inch behind the spar. It took me longer to mount my radio eqp then it did to put it together I think. Run into any problems just hollar.
I love mine. KE is fantastic.
Ditto on that quicker, seems like you hardly need the rudder to knife edge. Your company releasing any more new planes coming out?
:lol: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Wish I could show you the pics. 2 of them I have done build threads on here. The others are cool, but under wraps. They'll be out for Christmas, though, so get your wife's checkbook :lol:
Aww shoot just post them man.
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