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Good luck Florida BROs

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To all Florida BROs,

I wish you and your families the best and pray hurricane Frances spares you from damage!

Good luck,
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I second that..... My son is down there stationed at Patrick AFB..

My prayers are with you all...
Didn't they just get a hurricane?

Damn, that sucks. Is it, at least the other coast this time?

Hold on tight FL folks...
The last one was from the gulf I believe.... This one is currently a level 5 and they don't expect it to slow down much..... Could get ugly.
If this one is as bad as they're talking, Fla ain't going to slow it down much. I live in the Panhandle, and we're kinda worries that it will cross the peninsula and head for us. I really feel for the ones in south Fl that just went through Charley. Man, this one could wipe out anything that was left. In 1995, we had 2 direct hits within 2 months of each other The first one loosened everything up and the second wiped it away.....
my father is currently down there and getting his boat ready. It´s a 72 footer and it´s out of the water right now :shock: , so no way of moving it. It´s located right in Vero Beach where the cane is supposed to hit.
Good luck everybody. This one looks like a strong bastard.
Well, I had a look at the Accu Weather website, and that storm looks like a real sombitch. I have never been anywhere near a storm like that, and honestly can't imagine what is like.

I once was in a storm with 80 mph winds, and thought I was going to be blown off of the road. I was driving at 10mph, and still felt I was in great danger. My Durango ( no Suburban at the time) was being pushed with great force. I can't even guess how fearful one would be with winds in the 175 to 200 mph range.

Head for the hills FL Bros. There ain't enough rudder in the world to deal with that wind. Stay safe.
Ulf, I'll keep an eye out for your Dad's boat, if it lands here.

Talk about turning the other cheek, FL needs a break!
Here's the latest from PAFB:

Special Hurricane Frances Statement from the 45th Weather Squadron

This weather statement is for the Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral Spaceport community and is based upon the official National Hurricane Center forecast issued at 5AM on 02 September 2004. This information will be updated no later than 12PM on 2 September 2004

Hurricane Frances is currently 609 miles southeast of PAFB/CCAFS. It is a Category 4 Hurricane with winds in excess of 125 knots (144 mph). It is moving northwest at 11 knots (15 mph) and in the general direction of the Florida central coast and PAFB/CCAFS. Given this movement, the closest point of approach to PAFB/CCAFS is currently forecast to be 61 miles southwest of PAFB/CCAFS on Saturday, 4 September at 8 PM. At that time, PAFB/CCAFS could experience wind speeds in excess of 100 mph, heavy downpours, street flooding, hail, and isolated tornados. At landfall, this hurricane could produce a storm surge along the immediate coast in excess of 12 feet above normal tide level.

Future changes in strength, movement, and landfall will probably occur and are difficult to forecast. Please return to this site for future updates. For easier access, book mark this page as one of your favorites.

Last updated: 9/02/2004 05:15 AM.
Next update no later than 9/02/2004 at 12 PM.
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144 MPH?? Shoot boys, I'm from the Texas Panhandle. We fly in wind that strong 8)

Just kidding, that's some powerful stuff....better batten down them hatches. FWIW, it hardly ever blows harder than 70 here :roll:
Some of us here in the Carolinas are a little concerned as well. It seem to be following much the same path as Hugo did back around 90. It just bulldozed right on inland with out slowing down much with a lot of havoc. I hate to think what it would be like down in FL.
I used to be a Florida boy but got out. I still have my wifes parents who live down there. I do pray that they don't get hit too hard, CAUSE if they DO GUESS WHERE they will be coming? HERE to my house in GEORGIA.....ARGGHHHHH. NO INLAWS, NO INLAWS! Go AWAY FRANCES, GO AWAY...

DUDE I was surfing at Cocoa Beach during HUGO! Great waves, but a little choppy!
Talked to my brother in Royal Palm Beach today. He boarded up today and going north tonight. :(

Hey Bros...Sarasota Bro here....We got lucky with the last one, and am ready for this one...all my composite airplanes are stowed and hopefully safe....:) thanks for the good words..;)
wow, the last one missed us by about 20 miles... and the track of this one goes right through lakeland! (sorry, wagas! looks like the inlaws might be coming :D )

Anyway, I'm on shift this weekend, and will probably have to stay at work until sunday; might or might not be able to come home tomorrow night (I am one of the people that run the water plant) so you guys might not be hearing from me for a FEW DAYS :( so don't sweat it, just working!

A lot of hours but think of the overtime! and a holiday weekend too! might just make enough to buy a new saito 82gk :D ... If I don't have to spend it building a new house because the storm leveled it :( who knows? got a block house, though, and a new roof, so the odds are in my favor...

wish me luck, and I'll see you in a few days!
Best of luck to all in Fla. Our prayers are with you.
Well if anyone wants to try and save their planes just put them in a big box with lots of insurance and send them to me for same keeping! :D

I promise to take good care of them, that includes feeding and exercise!!

Just doing what I can...
Ron Ferrer said:
wow, the last one missed us by about 20 miles... and the track of this one goes right through lakeland! (sorry, wagas! looks like the inlaws might be coming :D )
NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Actually We have invited them to come but he said our house wasn't big enough to hold them....So he would rather stay down there and go thru it! He said his house that he built is strong enough and will be OK! Yeah right! Why take the chance. They are in St. Cloud. We haven't heard anything from my Uncle in Lakeland or my cousins in Tampa! We'll just pray for them...hey anybody notice IVAN coming up from behind as well. Still to soon to predict I know but MAN if that keeps going Florida might get hit with a 3rd one to!!
Great, Now my father in law ran out of ply wood so he's putting tarps over his windows...anybody down there ever done this before? Never heard of it. I've heard of taping the windows to prevent them from shattering but never putting a tarp over them...... :roll:
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