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Good Luck Dave Mathewson!

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Today is the deadline for AMA ballots. I hope the efforts of everybody who tried to get DM elected payed off.
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I fired one in for Dave M, and tried to spread the word in my club. Hope we did some good.
If he doesn't win, we'll have to convince him to run again and try harder....
When do they announce the results?
In January.
Will the candidates know before then? Or why did he think they were coming up short.
Word on the street?? Hell, I don't know. There are probably 20 circle jerks that only read mags to every one guy on the internet beatin' the bushes for Dave Mathewson.
Well if that was the attitude.....he wouldnt have run in the first place. :D
dhooks said:
When do they announce the results?
Unless something has changed we will know several days after Thanksgiving.
Just a quick note to thank everybody for the time and effort you've put in on my behalf during the recent AMA elections. I really appreciate it. The sense that we're coming up short is really just a gut feeling based on some "informal" asking some of the other VPs have done in their districts. I think we did a good job of reaching the special interest members, the competitors, leader members, etc. Those that take more than a casual interest in AMA. And I think we'll do well there. It was hard, in spite of everything we tried, to reach that "casual" member. These are the members who generally don't vote, but if they do, they'll check a box next to a name because, more often than not, they recognize the name. These members make up the vast majority. At any rate, I could be wrong, which would be nice, but I'm also trying to be realistic. Results should be out no later than Monday next week, but if not, definitely before Thanksgiving.
Thanks again,
Dave Mathewson
if everyone did take the time to learn about the candidates instead of checking the familiar name, you'd definetly win :D

I hope you are wrong and we have a November Surprise! However, if that is not the case, will you be running again? If so, what can we do better the next time around?

Good Luck Bro!

I hope we can all look forward to some good news from Muncie. I know there were several folks in my club voting for DM, and several more saying just to vote.

I hope we are able to swing things our way.

Fingers crossed, knockin' on wood, saying a prayer, and wishing upon a star.
Go Dave Go.....Hope you run again the next time if things dont go the way we hope this time. Im guessing next cycle you would have a lot better odds.....due to the fact (hopefully) that DB will have other things to occupy his time by then.
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