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**GONE** AXI 2208/34 with Prop Adapter

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Hi i am interested in this.... well right now i am using a nippy 0808/98 10.4.7 prop and 2 cell 700, but i want more power will i get more punch with this motor than with the nippy?

I'm not familiar with the Nippy, but with a 3 cell 750 and a 9x4.7 APC, the Shocky would accelerate vertically so hard that the ailerons would flutter.
And if using 10.4.7 prop 2 cell 700? Would i have good vertical power
You would have power to spare. There really is no reason to run 3 cells with an Axi on a Shocky, just the "Oh my God, look at that thing go!" factor. With my 2 cell 750 setup, I would get 10-12 minutes of all out 3D.
Sound nice!!! i also get the same time with my nippy on 2 cells. Well i only got $50 becauce i just spend my money in a MOJO so would you sell it??

If you pay shipping and I keep the adapter. USPS Priority mail would run about $4.00
Well it wont work becauce i need the prop adapter... but thanks a lot!!!! :tu:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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