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Glow Tape?

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I was actually looking for some of them novelty glowing necklaces to try out some night flying. And then I found this GLOW TAPE. Anybody know anything about this stuff? I think it's for audio engineers to mark the board. But does it really glow - or does it just reflect the black light? And how long does the glow last?
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I don't know about the tape but some time ago I ran across a site that sold glow paint. It was very expensive but was supposed to maintain it's glow for several hours when "charged" with the correct light. It seem like it was only available in a couple colors and was about $15-20 per ounce with a pint minimum order. I wanted to try it but the minumum purchase scared me away.
Hey Tater,
I think Gordo was talking about this a while back. He was using a glow wire or strip or somekinda shit like that..
I'll look back and see if I can find the thread....
There's some flat stuff that works real well but the place I bought it from is gone, and you may have to build some way to power the stuff, and it's no where near as cheap as the wire. The wire works pretty good to. I've only tried the thinner stuff and can tell you the darker colors don;t show up real well at alittude. The white, aqua, orange and yellow work pretty good. It puts some weight on but it's a blast on electrics!
Thanks RSands, that was the stuff Gordo was talking about.
I think he was just running it off a 9vt. battery, but you could run it off your flight battery if you use a cheap regulator ic, that you can get from Radio Shitak..
Just pick up the one you need for your wire, solder up a small board and tap your battery leads and away you go!
That would cool inside "transparent" covering... The "Nite Flyer".
Yep, you put white inside your favorite transparent covering and BOOM it's a glow-plane!! I used it primarily inside a "clear" coroplast PBF. Pretty wierd thing to night fly!!
We use glow tape in theater to mark steps and furniture so actors can get on and off stage in the dark. It is does glow after being "charged" with light.

Do a search for electroluminescent wire. I actually think the "made for model planes" stuff is a bit pricey. I found a kit (that was intended to light a jacket) that would be cool for an airplane. It consisted of five 6 foot pieces of electroluminescent wire already prewired and powered by a nine volt battery. Each six foot piece could be a different color. You could really light up a plane cool with that. I remember it being about $50. Never got around to doing it though. So many projects. So little time.
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