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Getting a new arf, any suggestions?

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I have a katanaP now. Looking for something new in the .40 size class. I don't have any time to build so it needs to be an arf. Anything unusual out there? Website link would be great. Thanks
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I think I can wait for that. What engine are you using? What is the estimated price? Thanks, that looks sweet!
I've flown a 46FX on it and a Saito .91. The 46 has plenty of power to hover it and pullout with authority. It weighs 4.5 lbs with the 46. The Saito .91 was a riot, but it was way over powered :wink:

This plane is great down on the deck. The wing loading is so low, it will float around and that makes dragging the tail and screwing around low fun.

Here's my thread on it with many pics:
EF Edge is one of the best
Ask Swany what that Chinese ARF was that he got ahold of... He seemed to like it allot...
That Chinese arf thing did fly pretty dang good too! Pauly let me fly it. The only problem Paul and John mentioned to me is that the fuse will splinter into a million and a half pieces if you crash... It's not the toughest of birds...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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