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Futaba servos in a Burrito... mounting questions

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I'm contemplating building my second Burrito kit I got sitting here and have a question about mounting Futaba servos. On my first Burrito I cut a hole the size of the servo in the wing and screwed the servo down with the mounting tabs on the outside of the bottom of the wing. (Hope that makes sense.) I figure now that that was a mistake but the reason why was because when I tried to just make a hole for the servo shaft and mount the servo from the inside there is a little plastic support in the center of the Futaba servo mounting tabs that holds the servo off the hardwood rails . It won't go down flush. Now I'm thinking about just making a little notch in the rail for the support. Will this be ok structurally?
Also, has anyone mounted rudder/elevator servos in the tail ala the Mojo? Thought about maybe doing that but wonder how that will affect setting the CG and such because of weight in the tail.
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If you use the rubber gromets, and brass inserts in the Futaba servos, they should then sit flush on the servo rails, as well as be isolated from some of the vibrations.
If you have to cut a little notch in the rails for the servo's to sit flush, that won't be a problem. However, if you put the "head" side of the brass bushing against the rail, it should sit flush without the notch.

I think the nost of the Burrito is too short to get the CG right if you mount the servo's in the tail.... However, you could try mocking it up with the motor hangin' out as far as she'll go and then taping the components where you would like them to go.... Give it a shot and let me know how it works.
That's what I get for getting in a hurry. When I built the first one I just test fit the servo in there without the grommet and bushings. Never even thought about them making a difference. I have them in place now with the servos mounted the way I did it. Ahhh well, that's why I bought the second one, so I could improve upon small mistakes I made on the first one. What little I've gotten to fly this year though, the first one flies good.
I don't know about mounting the servos in the tail. Just saw it on the Mojo. Truth be known, I want a Mojo but I don't think my flying skills are up to it. I might just get one anyway a build it and keep it in the shop till I get some more practice. It would give me something to shoot for.
Thanks guys,
Well... don't sweat the little stuff.... It'll fly fine I'm sure.....

As far as the MoJo goes... It's more capable than the Burrito, but it's not really that much harder to fly.... If you set the rates low and start out conservative, you'd do fine...
PaulSwany said:
However, if you put the "head" side of the brass bushing against the rail, it should sit flush without the notch.
paul, good point. I think 90% of the guys I've seen do this wrong. They put the brass haed against the screw head, negating the isolation value of the rubber mount. That aolone would make a good tip.
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