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Futaba 3151's

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Anybody tried these 'bargain' digitals yet? What do you think? Good for 40-size profiles? Any better than a 9001 on 6 volts?

I've also been running some JR DS811's but they love to chatter on weighted surfaces (ailerons).
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I have a friend that has some....he's pleased with them FWIW.
I've only played with them on the counter in the LHS. Specswise, they aren't any different than the S148s. Probably the same servo with a digital amp. I wouldn't pay for the extra advantage of digital.
On the bench, they didn't feel like they had the holding power like other digitals I have played with and they were relatively slow.
I bought 12 of these in ServoCity's 2 for 1 deal (so they ended up costing about $19.99 each -- pretty damned cheap).

They are just an S3001 with a digital amp so don't expect them to be any faster or stronger than an S3001.

Unlike Hitec digitals (my only frame of reference) they're pretty much indistinguishable from a regular non-digital servo unless you load them up. That is to say they don't "sing" like a hitec digital does when moving.

So far they seem to work just fine though -- bearing in mind that they are just a .23 second / 56oz-in ball-bearing servo at heart. They certainly appear to have a better holding torque and centering under load than the S3001 though.

Since the S3001 itself is selling for $19.99, the ServoCity deal on these digitals seems like a steal.

The next-cheapest digital I've found is the Hitec HS5475 which seems about the same speed but is a little stronger at 76oz-in -- albeit at an extra $15 per unit.

I'm not a great fan of Futaba servos (although I also like the S9001 with its coreless motor and reasonable price) but at ServoCity's prices, these are good value if all you're after is a sports-servo.

Will they work on a 40-sized profile?

If you're currently using S3001, S3001 or HS425 servos then yes, these'll do the job a little better at little or no extra cost (providing you buy from Servo City).
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xjet said:
The next-cheapest digital I've found is the Hitec HS5475 which seems about the same speed but is a little stronger at 76oz-in -- albeit at an extra $15 per unit.quote]

I talked with Mike from Hitec......he seems a little gun shy of the 5475s for a very rigorous application. My decuctions are that the gear train (same as the 475s) may be getting a little stressed at the higher torque levels. Thats just my deductions not a quote from him. I think on a .40 sized plane though they would work great.
I've got them on the ailerons of my Katana P and they seem to work fine.

I've heard of a couple of big-birds lost to geartrain failure on the 5475s though, which is probably why Mike's quick to caution.

The gears in them are a shirt-load stronger than those in the HS225 though -- so if they're happy to rate the 225 at 66oz then I see no reason why the 5475 should be considered (by Hitec) to be weak :)
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