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Full Scale?

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Anybody here fly full scale? Just thought I'd ask.
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My dad is qualified in both fixed an rotary wing so I get some occasional stick time. I dont have the pesos to do it myself. :twisted:
I have about 50 hours in a Citabria. I rebuild full scale planes for a living.
Full scale pilot here. Got my license at 17. Planning on having my instrument rating, and commercial certificate by this time next year. I'v got about 200 hrs but need to make a little more cash before I can log anymore hours. Got into RC planes nearly 10 years ago and look what its done to me. Now I'm an aerospace enginnering student.

Damn those airplanes :x . Its addicting I tell ya!!!

Almost got my pilots liscense. I'm taking my written on Monday, and my checkride in a few weeks.

This guy's an airshow and airline pilot, but he flys RC too:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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