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Fuel Tank on Goldberh Extreme 540

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My buddy had one of these & I want to find a fuel tank like this for my Burrito. It's basically a square-ish tank whth 2 grooves that wrap around it for zip-ties to seat. I just checked the Goldberg site & I searched Tower hobbies. I can't find out who makes this tank. Can anybody help me with this?
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same tank thats in the modeltech magic hobby shop can order them for about 4 dollars
prophanger1 said:
...modeltech magic...
Thanks Bro! Them's the magic words I needed. I found a source for the tank - now I just need to shop around a little. Next time I see my buddie's profile - I'll measure the tank & make sure it'll fit my Burrito.

you could get a sullivan "flex tank" which are heat-shapable (look ma' I made up a word!) and like make the grooves with a hair dryer/heat gun and some zip ties.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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