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Fuel pre orders for N-Ville

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Hey guys, Was talking to Brian (Fuelman) last night about the trip down to Nashville. He wants to move some fuel. I told him I would start/keep a list for pre orders to be delivered at Nashville. So if you want some fuel and you'll be in N-ville in Sept. Send me a PM or email at [email protected] Let me know what/how much ya want.
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I'd take at least a gallon or two... I know Stano want a few too....

Does he make a YS 20/20 blend?? 20% Nitro/20% synthetic oil??
Chuck, Yeah no problem, I need to get more details. Heading up to Battlecreek tommorrow and Brian and I are gonna fly that night. I'll get the full scoop then. Also check out
Rik756 Sounds great! Spread the word I'm guessing ya want the PB Blend 15%
Actually I fell in love with the Pro Bro 10/20. That's what the Mempho crew all bought. I'd prolly be just as happy with the 15/20 though? If Brian doesn't make it down, any chance for a couple bucks on the gallon you might haul a few? I can't afford to buy enough to make a dent in a 55gal drum, and there is now way I could ever make his minimum shipping order but I would like a few gallons at least. That stuff is sorta like crack... My engines got hooked and now they need it lol.

Yeah I could haul a few ( I have a jeep wrangler so I stress few) down. thats why I posted this, trying to get an idea of who wants what and how much. 10/20 vs 15/20 etc.
After I get a chance to talk to Brian I'll have a better idea of what the game plan is.
I know what your saying about the crack thing! I think if I tried to run my engines on anything else somewhere in the overtones of the exhuast I would hear " fuckyoustevefuckyoustevesuckyousteve" :shock: LOL
I'll post more details on Monday
I'd like to try this stuff, but it's getting late in the season for me. I don't like it sitting around all winter. Can I get a gallon? If he's at Toledo next year I might take a couple cases.
This is great stuff guys.... I really like it and it keeps pretty well.... I've got three cases in the garage, and I'm sure I won't burn that before winter!!!
comming 3,000 miles.............
NEED FUEL !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll take a gallon.
Thanks for the plug Planeplaneter and Swany. Paul, you want another 55 gal?, I figure you'd be about out by now.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it and will have plenty of 10 and 15 Pro Bro Blend, Chuck, I'll make sure there is some 20/20 for you unless you want my 20-Plus (20/20 on steroids). Danhoh- what do you need?

Billy Hell- If I can make it, would you let me set up a bottomless jug of fuel for the guys to try and fly, I could also donate a couple jugs of fuel and some nitro scent for door prizes and such.
The site is pretty badly broken. here's a glimpse of the new site that will be up in its place. spelling errors are not fixed and the site is not done but you'll get the idea, how 'bout some ideas for a pro bro page on my site? take a peek:

I'll try like hell to get there brothers, and yes, Billy Hell, I can bring some buggy fuel for you too.

I'll go with 15%
Thanks much
Brian, Billy, Whoever..............

Please put me down for 10 gallons of 10/20. If the price is like Louisville, I'll know how much to bring. If not, please let me know what it is and I'll have the money with me. Once you get use to this fuel, it's like Rik756 says: Kinda like crack for your engines......they NEED it!
Brian, If you are going to make it down, how soon do you need a list of who needs what? I'd love to get a couple cases of 30% heli but not sure cash flow will allow me to buy that much. Probably won't know till Monday or Tuesday of that week how much extra cash I'll have.
I plan on a case of 30%.
OK Bro's,
Here's what I'll do.
Keep posting your fuel needs here on this thread and a few days before I head to Nashville, I'll total it up and make it all up fresh with some extra for good measure.
Prices will be real good guys, Pro Bro Discount will be in effect.
Anybody read the MAN review on the New 46AX?, notice the fuel used !!!!


I'm bring the fuel, whos bringing the beer?
Fuelman said:
whos bringing the beer?
You can count on me, Brian. Do you have a reasonbly priced preference? :D
Fuelman said:
I'm bring the fuel, whos bringing the beer?
well, you can be ceratin that Chuck Auger, Tailspnr and of course myself will have filled up beer coolers always close by :wink: We also trade beer for fuel :p
whos bringing the beer?
You can count on me, Brian. Do you have a reasonbly priced preference?
Yes; Its gotta be cold, bubbly, and taste like beer. When I'm havin a donated beer, its always good. I am a big fan of home made beer if any home brewers are coming.

Trading beer for fuel, I thought beer was fuel????
I will have the never ending gallons going all day, so fly on me and I'll drink on you when the flyin is done.

Do you have any 25% nitro. I usually buy a gallon of 15 and a gallon of 30 nitro and mix them for my 4 strokes. I could probably use 3 or 4 gallons. If not I will take a couple each of the 15 and 30
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