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Free set of prints, scaled 1 to 1, they print off onto a 3ft X 4ft piece of paper. Your local Copy shop should be able to do this for you.

Note: This drawing is for a foam wing, I am currently updating my drawings to be built up wings.

Note: The landing gear block is in a unconventional place and standard landing gear doesnt work( just put a hard point in the conventional place), Working on re drawing this also.

If you like the prints please let me know, I have 4 more sets of prints I need to get finished up, was just wondering if it is worth the effort.


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I messed up! The print isnt full size, its to big to post here. Go here

for the full size print.
That looks pretty cool Kenny... What was your inspiration?
Thanks Paul,

I saw a Sukhoi at the Nashville ProBro last year, thought it would be a good design for knife edge since the engine and wing is in the center of the fuse.

I came home started drawing and then built it. The foam fuse structure was my own idea, its strong and lightweight.
Well, I took the file to Kinkos to get it printed and man did I run into the dumbest bunch of people I have ever had the misfortune to associate with. Not one person in the place had any clue how to resize the pic so that it would come out full size. The lady there had the orientation wrong and the fuselage looked like it had run into a fire plug or something. It was real tall and real short from nose to tail. I just took my disk and came home.
As a last resort - I can print them for you & snail-mail them back.
Let me know if you can't solve your problem locally.
I will as a last resort. There is another Kinkos a little further away that I'll try. Can you give me the fuselage measurements so that I can tell if they are the right size when printed?
The fuselage is 36 1/4 from the rudder hingeline to the front of the plane. this works out good with 36 inch sheeting since the nose and hingeline is Capped with 1/4 inch balsa.

The elevator is 22 11/16 wide.

Good luck Jim, if you build it tell me how you like it.
Hey Kenny what other plans were you thinking of drawing up?
Does anyone have the CAD file of this?
Jim, if you can't get it done locally drop me an e-mail or PM and I can get it done here at my local Kinko's.
It took me a few lessons to teach the staff how to do it properly, kinda like the people you ran into, but I have them whipped into shape now and I can walk in and just hand them the disk and they can do it all by themselves now!! :mrgreen:
Of course I'll have to make a trip halfway to give them to you but hey, what the hell, it's for a bro....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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