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Free Issue of 3D FLYER????

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Has anyone got one yet?????
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nope. still waiting. I need a good mag to replace the crappy RCM I subscribe to now. Not renewing that one.

I think I might subscribe to RC Flyer too.
They said they are in the mail now. I'm watching for mine too.
I'm sure glad to hear that it's not just me! I've been wondering if I was the only one that hadn't gotten one yet! :evil:
Every day I come home I figure it must be there. Not yet.
I was on the phone with them today and they said it could be in the mailbox on Friday.
The Post Office will be closed Friday, as will all government offices.
citabriapro said:
Like that avatar Razorback!!!
Semper Fi, citabriapro!
got my 3D flyer today!!!
Very cool. the Pro Bro article by Billy.
Got it. I LOVE IT. The Joe Nall photo supplement is GREAT. My check is in the mail. This looks like it is gonna be a good mag.
I might subscribe, if I ever get it!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
Okay...todays the day that you guys got yours. So now Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mailman in hopes that I'll get mine.
Mine ain't showed up yet.
I got mine my friend BOB's Pitts 12 was in there :)

I sure hope that mine is in the mailbox when I get home! :twisted:
latch66 said:
Mine ain't showed up yet.
neither has mine. :(
Mine showed up today!

Just had enough time to cruize the ProBro Article at lunch.

Billy did a good job.
1 - 20 of 57 Posts
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