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Found an ARF..might try it

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Especially since they are giving them away.
Old thread, but funny since the ad read 20cc 65”, and in the description it says light weight EPP. 😂
Like crackerbox,never know whats inside till open the box,looks good in the add,and cheap.
Those are hot turds. Used to be sold by redwing and vvrc and hk. They’re heavy and no tube.
Friend in our flying club bought one from REDWING - the upgraded model - Flies terrific! Good looking in the air! Trying to buy one from Serrafine - seems to be taking some time getting the PAYPAL payment. Will see what happens..
What is your definition of terrific?
What is your definition of terrific?
Probably does good loop-de-loops!
Probably does good loop-de-loops!
Only if the wingspan is no more, or less, than 67 7/16"
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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