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For your consideration

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Hi Guys

I have been watching the war with RCU. As some of you know, my interests there lie more in the discussion of the AMA. This battle has come at a bad time, in one way at least. Some of you have, in the past, had your preference for AMA President in your signatures. Every post you made with that signature gave your chosen candidate exposure on RCU. Now, because of the battle with RCU, some of you have changed your signature. Every post you ever made now reflects your new sig line. Here is something you might want to consider.

Which is more important to the future of the Brotherhood: who it the next president of the AMA, or whether RCU has taken a position you detest?

Regardless of who you support for AMA president, you may want to reconsider your signatures on RCU.

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It's probably not going to make much difference, as I doubt you will be seeing many posts from this group on RCU.
No new posts would be necessary. Resetting a sig line would change every post already in existence.
Well, Marc backs Dave Mathewson, also. He no doubt didn't take that into consideration, he just alienated a very large Pro-Mathewson camp.

We will continue to back Mathewson regardless of what RCU does, but it would be great to still have a Pro-Mathewson sig, I agree.
I hadnt thought about that but it is a very good point! Good thing I havent changed mine.
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