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Found two NIB FoMoJo kits on eBay a couple weeks ago. I decided the VH Giles was too old and ugly so I eviscerated it and threw all the stuffings, pushrods and control horns onto the jo.
This very old 1/4” Depron foamy is only .3oz heavier than the EPP Giles.

I’m excited for this one.

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WHOA! What a deal you got there Jake I remember those FoMoJo's my uncle found plans of one years ago he cut me one out of pink foam but he actually was able cut out a airfoil wing out of regular foam made it about a 41 inch wingspan it flew awesome it was my go to the 3d foamy for about 3 years until I got a little too close with my my rolling harriers and broke the x fuse in two I still have it in my closet one of these days I'll get it all fixed up?(y)(y)(y)(y):cool::cool::cool:
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