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What should we name it

  • Iddy Biddy Tiddy

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • Little Tiddy

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  • Foamy Glitter

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Glitter Mini

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Foamy Glitter

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Time to wake this site back up with a new design. Been learning to use Autodesk Inventor for work and in part of the learning process I grabbed some of my RC gear to learn to model them and went ahead and shrunk the Glitter down to a 32" flat plate foamie.
Vote on a name idea or if you have other ideas I will add them to the poll. Will let the poll run for a couple of weeks.

32" span
29-1/2" long
Use your electronics out of a value hobbies foamy setup
I'm going with four 5 gram servos so I can have ailerons on separate servos.
Building mine out of 9mm depron that I have on hand
Weight of my foam parts for one and the electronics out of my old crashed giles is right at 8 ounces so figuring around 8-1/2 ounces after glue and paint is added. Was hoping for under 8 but oh well.
sending the second one to jake for his opinion and if we are happy then I will post plans for it to be built out of 9mm depron or EPP as well as a second set based around dollar tree foam for those that want cheap.

Will add more pictures as the build progresses and hopefully jake will add some as well.

Let me know what you think.


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Bailbonds said:
How's it fly bro?!
Gotta finish building it.
It took along time and donating the plane to a buddy to finish and fly but this thing flys and it flys great. Ailerons are a bit anemic currently but its do to only having the stock short arms on the servos. We will be extending them to make it better. I have only gotten to fly it on an extremely windy day but I was impressed. Honestly had it been made of EPP it probably would not have flown as well in the heavy wing. Ultimately for long term durability I think EPP would be the better option though. So for those interested in building one themselves just shoot me a PM and I can send you the plans.

Cloud Sky Plant Tree Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Plant Grass Tree
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Some video of it flying today in calm air. Haven't put longer servo arms on it yet so it still is lacking some throw but overall it flys almost just like the balsa version. Not quite as loose maybe but that could be the limited control throw. Currently i can only get about 30 degrees on all surfaces. Sorry for the crappy video. Trying out a new to me camera and I had the angle off as well as the case i had it in is waterproof so it made most of the sound not be there at all.

Looks like a nice flyer! Floaty yet aggressive. BTW, voting doesn't seem to work anymore, but itty bitty Tiddy works for me!
Looks like a nice flyer! Floaty yet aggressive. BTW, voting doesn't seem to work anymore, but itty bitty Tiddy works for me!

Yes I was happy that it would float well yet still wind up a bit. I think it will wind up really nice once I put some longer arms on the servos. She needs at least 45 degrees of throw if not 50. Though I will say the rudder feels really nice the way it is.
Hey guys. I was sitting at my computer eating some delicious Garlic Knots and I came across this thread. That is a super cool video, it reminds my alot of my favorite plane that I sold. It was a Twist with a 46-19/64” wingspan but it was a super fat wing, it would float around so good with a park 400 on 9s with a 3a ESC and a 17x2 prop. There was not anything at my club that could Loopty-Loop better than that plane. I hate so much that I sold it. But I kinda needed the money at the time as I was broke and didn’t have any delicious Garlic Knots to eat. Dang-it, I just got Garlic Knot sauce all over my keyboard!

Well, I just wanted to say nice video.
Holy fook--a Reggie sighting!
Well holy hell! Where’ve you been, Reggie? Did you get a new bike or something?
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