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foam composite sandwiches

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No, I'm not talking about lunch -- I'm talking about cutting the fuselage profile from foam and then glassing it and perhaps running some CF strips along the top/bottom edges.

I see that OMP are using a balsa/foam sandwich in some of their designs but I was wondering if it might just not be a whole lot simpler to do the job with a dense foam core and some glass or CF cloth. If you included provision for sliding a CF tube (a' la Burrito) down the center, you'd end up witha damned strong and *very* quick to build fus. The weight should also be comparible with sticks and film.
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Sounds like an interesting idea..... There was a guy in the composites forum that was experimenting around with this kind of technology... I think he was using some kind of honey comb for the core..
Well I've got plenty of foam and fiberglass left from the cruise missile project so I might give it a go -- once I've finished building my Burrito of course ;-)
Wow duuuude... Chuck just gave me the story on the Cruise missle stuff you were involved in... Daaammnnn... that's some cool stuff for sure!

We are in the presence of celebrities....
Are you talking fan-fold or the foam insulation? I think - by the time you finish with the fiberglassing - you'd be heavier than a comprable balsa build. Here's a guy building with the foam insulation - but he leaves it uncovered: Crazy Herb He's got 3d video of one flying - so it'll work. But I think it'll be heavier than a balsa version. But I am thinking of a foam backup for my Buritto.
What I've often thought of doing is replacing all the hardwood in a kit with composite braces. Take some of that 1/4" cf tape from art's hobbies

Take some 1/4"x1/4" balsa, cap it with cf, bag it, and you have a pretty decent spar. You could even put it in a form and bend it into shapes, so you could replace the heavy spruce spar on the bottom of the omp edge fuse. Same thing for the hard wood brace in the tail. I think going through and doing it like this would be alot more beneficial then doing an all composite fuse.

edit: a pretty nice little article I found on doing up a cf spar...
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