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Floppy disc CA hinges?

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Hey all, forgive me for the newbieness, but when you talk about using floppy disc innards for CA hinge material--are you referring to the disc itself, or the white stuff that lines the inside of the case?
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The brown mylar stuff. It rocks, CA sticks to it as good as it does to skin! :D
Ahh -- ok I was wrong in my interperetation then. I thought you were all talking about the white sleeve, but you actually cut up the disk itself. cool--I have plenty of floppies laying around.

I'm going to take the tape off of my foamy and put Floppy hinges on it instead.
I originally was gonna use tape for hinges. But I ended up, after about a half hour, with a mess that looked like crap and wasn't very free moving. Then hinged it up with floppy hinges. Much more easy to move and so easy (for me anyway, I had a lot of experience with CA hinges, none with tape). And cheap!!

I make mine about 5/8" X 1"
Oh man Ive been getting pissed trying with tape. For some reason it never crossed my mind that some of you were using floppys. When your using them in foam will CA wick in to the crack or not? The only foam safe CA I have is medium.
Yeah, I use medium. Lay a bead across the slit, and go to the next one..the glue will start to seep into the slit. By the time you get to the last one, the glue should be down into the first one. Then I just run a little on the very edge of the hinge itself and slide it in, go to the next one (I put them all in the surface, then attach the surface to the can't pre-assemble and wick in glue all at once with medium) After I get all the hinges in place, mist with kicker. Then attach to plane, get eveything set, mist it with kicker.

I also like to put a hinge right where the control horn goes. Depron is really flexible and it will bow where the control horn is unless you support it.
I put the floppy hinges on my Edgeling and they are working great. This stuff is really flexible and like Chuck said cyano sticks like hell.
I´don´t have any foam plane but at least on my Edgeling they are great.

When I put it I didn´t cut all at once, simply cut a strip and after doing the slits I put it as far as they go and the cutting the long that I want. Makes a lot easier as all the slots are of different depth.
maybe Im alone but I have found the floppy hinges get brittle with a little time and break pretty easy with a ground strike. They are lighter but I still use a little clear packing tape at the outside 6" of the ailerons and one side of the elevator
Packing tape didnt stick worth a crap for me. One word of caution I got more ca an floppy material on my fingers then I can ever remember having. Its not bad once you get the hang of it though but the first few were murder.
I treat them just like regular CA hinges X-Acto slit,put it together thin CA FOAMSAFE,Hit it with Kicker...I have not had any come out...I do have trouble when it hits the ground but I found that less ground strikes = less shit getting tore up... :lol:
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