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Flip 3D

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I've been thinking about getting this plane and have a few questions. I have a saito .91 that I need to put in a plane. I've heard they fly very good but I've heard the plane has a history of the elevator pulling loose. I don't know if this is a problem with the plane or the pilots flying them at full speed. Is the recommended standard servos enough for this plane?
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There were two of these at the Texarkana fly in. Not sure what their names were, but they flew great (good piloting) and could probably answer your questions.

Anyone know the names of these pilots?
i'd rather have that new Katana 70 :D
spastic said:
i'd rather have that new Katana 70 :D
I second that.
The guys at Texarkana were Rudy Rymal and his son.

The Flip ain't bad. YNOT had one!
Ive got two Flips but not a lot miles on either. Not because I didnt like the way the plane flew but because I had issues with the YS63 that I believe were fuel tank related. My second one was bought and I havent gotten around to setting it up.....sorry Ulf :wink:

But as far as the plane itself I really like the way it flew. My first one has the wings clipped which made the harriers much much better. And I havent heard of anyone having issues with the tail. Especially if you use the supplied wire tail supports.
I've seen a few in Texarkana and they seem to fly pretty good. :D If you hurry I noticed that Tower Hobbies has them in their Daily Sale for $165.25. :shock: Better hurry the probably won't last long at that price.
:p :p :p You DID notice the FAT FUSLAGE right? :p :p :p
Gordo said:
:p :p :p You DID notice the FAT FUSLAGE right? :p :p :p
Yeah, that and the way they resonate!!
I was waiting for one to turn into a bag a balsa chips right there in the air!
Spontainious Balsa deconstruction!! :wink:

I don't know if it's the covering or the frame itself but they ring like a sounding board :D
goinstraightup has a Flip3d. I klnow he's had it at least since last winter. He told me he flew off the snow with no skis. I'm sure he'll show up here with something to say. Gve him another day & then PM him.
Scat-r-d said:
Yeah, that and the way they resonate!!
I was waiting for one to turn into a bag a balsa chips right there in the air!
Spontainious Balsa deconstruction!! :wink:
I forgot about that...I actually didn't remember the plane, until you said that, they were LOUD!!!
Thanks for the heads up about this thread Tater. That was my TopCap that I flew off the snow with no skis. My Flip 3D has only been flying for a month and has 11 flights on it. After 15 years of 2C flying, I decided to put Saito's new 82a on the nose. Due to problems with me getting used to 4 cycles, I have only flown it those few times. I think I have the bugs worked out pretty good now so I'll make some comments.

Mine came out at 5 LBS 10oz. I used 90+ oz. torque servos on everything except a mini on throttle. On hindsight, 50 to 70 oz torque would have been fine and I would have saved the weight. To power those servos I used a Radical RC 1350 Mah 5 cell NIMH. With smaller servo's I could have used less battery and saved more weight.

The 82a is a jewel of an engine, and vertical performance is ballistic - once it starts moving upward. Pullout from a hover is a little slow, but that is due to the weight as well.

It is a fun plane and roll rate is a blur on high rates. The plane harriers at idle due to the large wing and light weight. This plane can fly at a walking place or slower with some wind without any fear of falling out of the sky. The plane is meant to fly slow and this is noted in the instructions. Not a hot dog speed plane, definitely a 3Der.

$165 is a great price. Chief has them every day for $179. Forget the wire tail brace they have and just run some carbon fiber on the bottom of the H. Stab. That's all you need and it's a lot easier than the string of wire that they do.

Your .91 would be a great engine for the plane. You might need to get some CF 60 to 90 size gear for it to have prop clearance. With a 14X4W I have just minimal ground clearance. Any less and I would be looking for taller gear. I would in no way go any less than the engine I have on it. The 900+ squares of wing can handle the extra power no prob.

Let me know if you want any more info or pics.

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Sorry for the additional post, but I noticed a few more things in this thread that I'll comment on.

Never heard of the elevators falling off, but they are huge in relation to the H. stab. The plane comes with metal hinges which everyone that I've talked to has thrown out - including me. I used Sig giant scale XX hinges as a few others have and I know there's NO way they are departing my plane. They're rock solid, and provide HUGE control throw when installed properly.

My Flip does not have the resonation problem. I don't doubt for a second that you guys did have problems as I had a Pizazz that Buzzed like CRAZY. Wasn't flutter either. Tried balancing everything and all kinds of things, but never solved the problem - well, when I pile drove it the problem was solved 8) .
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