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Flew my Kataka P today (what's with that tailwheel setup?)

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Well I finally got around to finishing off my Katana P today and I'm buggered if I can see how that tailwheel assembly is supposed to work. When I installed as per the instructions, it sagged so much under the weight of the plane that the rudder dragged on the ground!

So I shortened it by about 2/3 and now it seems fine -- but why was it so damed long and soft to start with?

Test flew the bird this afternoon in the middle of a rainstorm and she flies great -- however I must have inadvertantly added a bit of downthrust to the engine (although it's parallel with the bearers) because it needed 3 clicks of up trim under power and needs that trim knocked off when you throttle back. (CG is in the recommended place)

For some reason the TT46 wouldn't drop below a fast idle so things got a bit desperate when the rain got *really* strong and I couldn't get the engine slow enough to actually get it down. Ended up greasing it onto the grass strip and slowly lifting the tail until the prop cut a nice long path and finally stalled the engine.

Lots of fun even though I (and the plane) got a drenching and I was surprised how stable it was even in a turbulent cross-wind.

I did notice that it pulls to the left on verticals (and in a hover) even though there is probably 2 degrees of right-thrust. Is it worth trying more RT or should I just keep correcting this with the rudder ? I've balanced it latterally so I don't think it's that.

I noticed that I needed about 3-4 clicks of right aileron -- is this simply because of the torque produced by spinning a 11x4 prop?
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Your gonna love this plane. I whacked my tailwheel wire off too it was just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to long to start with.

I think Id try shimming your engine a little give it a little more right thrust an just a touch of up. You can probably get the up just by twisting it in the mount.

Just another thought I think it would fly better with the CG a little more aft, on mine I have it about an inch behind where it was reccomended an still need to move it back a little more.
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