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Flame-able video

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Hey there, came across this one and had to post a link!

link no longer any good.. sorry
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Just happen to be surfin' SheepFilms.UK?? Uh Huh, we know..

And that dude looks like citation x!!
Scat = Turd
-r-d = Turd?
Video of someone lighting candles with their ass.... Am I seeing a pattern here?

:shock: :D
it's pronounced "Scattered" and if you've seem my fly low you know why...

After several years of Military Service I've lit off farts on 3 different continents but have never been able to light a candle!!
I was impressed! :D

By the way, I got this idea on how to shrink Monokote during field repairs..
Might have to try it at the Houston ProBro
Well, you missed the de-briefing at the '03 Nashville ProBro. There was fart lighting going on by Osama-Ass himself!
I was there for a while - Guess I missed it too lol. I think we left early to hit JITB :-D
That was '04, you missed it by a year.
you missed the de-briefing at the '03 Nashville ProBro
Damn, guess I missed the 03 more than once lol
Scat-r-d said:
Hey there, came across this one and had to post a link!
Boy, that guy was REAL proud of hisself. :shock: :D
Imagine my surprise....... when I was showing it to a friend of mine......
and someone changed the link.

Good thing I had already shown it to my wife before it was changed.
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :D :shock:
OOPS... Damnit, that was funny.
I'll edit the post.
That is fucking hilarious!!!!! :shock:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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