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First try at building

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This starting from wanting to scale up Paul's Taco 2. I ended up changing the airfoil and most other things and keeping what seemed like the easiest way to build with the wood I had onhand.


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Hey looks much are you scaling it up?
The wings are 47" w/ a 13" chord plus the ailerons. The fuse is 44" counting the rudder.
Well, I am getting close to being ready to cover. I know it aint Mojo, but I am just hoping it wont crash and tear my motor up. lol I still have the motormount area to go. I wonder if I could use Oak instead of Maple? Oak is fairly hard but I'm not sure about the weight compaired to Maple?


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I think Oak would work.... The grain is more open, so be sure to seal it to keep the fuel out.
Thanks Paul. I also have some Ash. I think I will look at both of them and see which one has the smallest grain openings.
Well, I have the base I have to get some ideas to trick it out. I want it to look really sick!!! Any Ideas?


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My next cover job will be a jigsaw puzzle. Starting on the right wing with the pieces together, then breaking apart as it moves to the left wing. Why don't you try that so I can see what it will look like? :lol:

I like the looks of your plane. The one area I'm worried about was I thought you would be sheeting the fuse. If you don't sheet it you need to add a CF rod like Swany does. On any mishap you will snap the fuse just aft the wing. The sheeting would also help with tail twisting.

You could fly it as-is, then if/when it breaks strip the fuse and sheet it.

Again, I like the looks of the plane.
I'd have to agree with Mr. Quicker... that fuse is gonna snap like a twig when you touch down something less that gracefully...

You could put some CF strips on the fuse when she breaks to shore it up some....
Yeah. I seen that after I allready the fuse covered. You probably cant see it, but there is a 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8 channel under the bottom. I made it of 24 ga Alumn. It is really strong now and its really lite. But I am fixing the problem on the auto cad file. I was surprised at how weak it was behind the wing when I finally noticed it. Something I will be sure to watch from now on future planes.
After running this plane Sunday and deciding it was a keeper I decided to try and put a flag on it using Gator's thread. Gator's instructions made it to where even an amature like me could make a stab at it. Thanks Gator. I learned alot about covering doing this one. I just hope I can keep it in one piece until this weekend!!!!


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Covering job looks fantastic! :)
Thanks cplant. I dont think I could ever have done it without Gator's thread on here.
I really like it. Get some in-flight pics if you can!
Nice looking plane you have does it fly?
Thanks. I have only had it out one time so far and only got in 3 flights before dark. From what I can tell its gonna fly pretty well. It does knife edge really well as well as knife edge loops. I doesnt seem to want to flatten completely out in a flat spin like my Burrito does though. I hope to get some more stick time on it tomorrow so I can have it set up better for Nashville Saturday. I am dying to see Paul's Mojo!!
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