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First timer fatty questions......

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Ok heres the deal....on a 50 cc size plane Im trying to get some figures for the weight of various components....Servos I can easily figure but...

Some engine weights for popular 50-80 cc engines.....with muffler ignition etc

Battery packs how many do I need an what size weights...etc

Any items that Im not thinking of that gas will need to make it work etc....

Basically say the mocked up plane weighs 10 lbs mocked up with nothing in many lbs more do I figure for all the gear.

If my questions are the duhhuh type its because I have no experience with biguns :D
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most all 50cc aerobats will come out in the 15.5 to 17 lb range
most lightweight 50's da,bme zdz will come in at around 4 pounds with ignitions, batt, muffler and that is plenty of power for up to 17 lbs
most would only use 1 RX batt on a 50 cc size probably 2200-2700 ma depending on servo choice
you would also need a 4.8v ignition batt around 1600 ma NIMH works great for both
You will need gas safe fuel tubing and a gas stopper for your tank, also soldering barbs on the fuel pickup tu8bes is a good idea because gas mix tends to be a little slippier and lines can come off
If your looking to put a 80cc in a 50cc size bird you are probably looking for vibration problems
You need to keep everything ignition related seperated by anything Rx related seperated by 6-8" or more
Finally, buy good quality lightweight stuff of any good brand and dont sweat a few ounces difference. It wont make much difference in a bird that size
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just ask capthis. He knows all about the BIGuns :wink: :lol:
Texas 3D said:
just ask capthis. He knows all about the BIGuns :wink: :lol:
I had him on the phone the other night for an hour.....we didnt get into this part of it much. I hate to presume upon ppls time to much. I did enjoy the story about some dumbarse that had a hot wife though:D
That cat just about got out of the bag! Time??? Hell I love talikng airplanes! :D I got all the time in the world for that!

Just ask Ulf what to get. He'll promptly tell you to get a Composite Arf, with a DA angine, and JR 8611 servos! :roll:

It doesn't matter which plane or engine you get as long as you get one of the listed brands above for the "ultimate combo"! :wink:

If your not rich you can also look into a balsa plane as they tend to be a little cheaper, and can be fixed if dorked!

Any of the H9 33% series is a great starting point for a big plane. But prolly the most popular size to start with is the 50cc size. There are several good ones here to choose from.
I got a nice lookin 50ccer from Precision Aerobatics here in Australia, good price, ARF, and it is very very light compared to the Comp ARF version. shipping is prolly hihg but worthwhile Id say. heres the link ... prodID=100

Have a look at it, there are weights listed on the site as well if you look at the engines.

More confab with Bryan aka Capthis on the phone today...... :shock: .....Im actually learning a few things....... :wink:
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