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First Round Stickers are in!

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I have the stickers here and they are BAD ASS! I had my envelopes all ready to start stuffing and realized that two of the stickers are too long. So I'm off in the morning to get bigger envelopes. They look great and you guys will love them. I'll stuff them all Friday night.
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cant wait !!!wish they were here for saturdays flying.... like to have afew for the ummm billboard side of the plane....
did you ship them with my shirt??????????
Ohhh..... I got mine yesterday. They look very nice... looking forward to getting the plane done so I can see them in action :D
I still have not got mine yet for some reason! :cry:
Got mine today. They are KICK BUTT!!!!!
NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to "shw em off " on the flying billboard!!!!!!!!!!1 :lol: :D :!:
I got mine too. I posted a pic in the gallery of my 16 year old (Jake) holding my Sledge with two of the decals on the wing. I favor the 1% sticker and put it on my flight box and it looks cool!!

John Wells
Hey Billy! I got mine in last week and they are KILLER! Thanks man! 8)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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