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First Glow Profile???

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I have been flying all electric airplanes and helis for the last couple of years, but I would really like a .40 sized profile airplane, and the cost of a .40 sized electric is a little steep. So I am looking for a good .40 glow profile kit.

I have found the Burrito and Mojo by Paul Swany and they look very nice.

Are there any other .40 profile kits out there?


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There are some others out there..but there are none that are easier to build and most are only half as tough...The carbon fiber tube through the motor mount is the real deal...Plus they fly great too... 8) and are cheap...and well you get the pic...
Thanks, I built a Fat Free Taco for a friend, easy build and nice plane!

So which one? Mojo or Buritto? I am currently flying a EF Ultimate and GP Sukhoi SU-31.

Thanks Again

While I have not yet flown one I would go for the MOJO. From everything I have heard from people, it has not been anything short of the most awesome experience they have ever had !!!

I have however built a FF-Taco, and a Burrito, with a MOJO in the Box
Well, it depends on skill level, I think. Burrito is more stable,easier to hover, from what I hear... but more experienced 3D'ers will probably prefer the Mojo. I haven't flown the Mojo yet, but I love my Burrito.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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