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First Foamy

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For those of you that have been putting off getting a electric going because you thought it could not be that much fun for the price you are wrong. I flew mine for the first time today and i'm hooked should have listen to everybody and got one going a long time ago. What a blast! :D
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Chuck what I did since I didn't know if I would be able to get another ChuckFlyer or not Ibought a Extra 330 and put my stuff in it till I get a little more use to flying a foamy. I have the ChuckFlyer put together but don't have it painted yet. As soon as I bust this one up I will put my stuff in the ChuckFlyer and post some pics. I know everybody knows what the Extra looks like. I will try to post some flying pics tomarrow if the weather is good might rain. I will say one thing the 2212/34 has plenty of power.
Almost to much for the little Extra if there is such a thing as to much power. :D
Glad you figured the foamy thing out. My house is now littered with them. ( I even have a couple at work)
Yep they are a blast when I got to work this morning there was no wind so first thing I did was drain two batteries before I did any thing else. Now my batteries are charged but the winds blowing so I guess I will go to work now. That should make my boss happy anyway. :)
Perhaps your boss needs a foamy.
Boy I wish my boss would start flying. With his money and my I wish I had one of those list we sure could have some nice planes to fly.
Check to see if LiPos are covered under your cafeteria plan :)
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