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first fatty???

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I am wanting to get a big plane about 50cc size. what do you guys think would be a good first step.
a buddy offered to sell me his double vision any thoughts on these.
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great planes patty flys good
If it were me I'd be holding out for a EF 87" Yak....wait that is me, my names on the list for one of the first batches. I just hope they come in soon :wink:

I think this plane is gonna be the SHIT! If it flies as good as the 68" Yak its destined to the 50cc plane to have.
the ef yak is sweet and will be kept in mind. It is looking like the DV might be the one I get my dad loves the looks of it and offered to help me out on it. workin in the hobby shop is cool but the pay sux.
I hate to say it bro but after the Cap-X I have no desire to rush in and buy another plane from the Chip Hyde collection. But if thats your choice I hope it flies great for you.

If you go that route let us know the details.
what problems did the cap x have just not fly good? I have been looking areound a bit and think if I read right that the DV is not big enough for entry level type IMAC contest am I right. I dont know what else I could get for for $300 in this size range though :roll:
Im not into IMAC yet but I thought the plane had to be modelled after a full scale airplane which I fairly certain the Vision is not. But as far as size I know some guys that competed with their 68" Yaks so I think from aspect you'd be safe.

My Cap-X with a DA50 flew like a dog. But with only 73" of wing what can you expect. I really wanted that plane to fly good with that setup but I was very dissapointed. Now maybe had I put a Moki on it it might have been a different story.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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