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Gents, I thought it would be interesting to see some of the airplanes we have all loved over the years. I started flying I think in 1998 and I've had a few that I just thought were the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time. Looking back they probably wasn't so great but at the time I loved them!

Airplanes that I have loved over the years: in no particular order

US Aircore Cub ST .45

TT Fun Tiger Extra OS 40FX (my first profile circa 1999)

Sig Something Extra (my first kit build)

GP Extra .40 kit built Magnum 80 4-stroke (loved that plane still have the tail)

Sledge OS 50SX

OMP Edge Saito 72

Burrito Magnum .52XLS

Mojo 40 OS 50SX (actually had a few of these and loved every one)

Mojo 60 Saito 100

AW 35% Edge 3W 100

QQ 35% Yak DA 100

H9 33% Cap zdz 80

OMP Hybrid Brison 4.2

TT 42% Katana DLE 170 (lost last summer)

Lanier 40% Sukhoi DA 150 (currently flying)

Rich Model 35% Extra DLE 111

Tower Extra Special mvvs 47 w/pipe (modified tail taught me how to harrier)

Pizza Box (really taught me how to harrier)

Morris the Knife OS 46FX about wore out (did my first tail touch)

Goldberg 77" Extra CRRC 45

TP 81" Cessna Zenoah 20

WM Extra 300s 120 with a Saito 120

Tech one SU-31 EPP Foamy... I just love that stupid thing!

Extreme Flight profile Edge Saito 82... (knife edge king)

Balsa Nova .40 ARF MVVS 47 w/pipe

Su-do-khoi ARF YS 63 (I loved loved loved this one)

Lanier 50cc Yak DL 50 (I smashed the rudder twice in low TR's from running out of fuel)

EF 88" Extra DA 50 (that one flew awesome)

Super Hots OS 60 2 Stroke Scratch Built

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Goldberg Skylark 56 MKII / Fox 40, cause that was my first 4ch
Goldberg Ultimate / ST 91
Club 20 /K&B 28 (local guy designed them for club racing events, but they were great sport planes!)
Hawk low wing / G38 (scratch design)
Hawk shoulder wing / G38
Skeeter 30
Sig 4*60 / TT 91FS
Mojo 60 / Saito 91
MoAss 60 / Saito 100
Primo 60 / OS 120AX
OMP Hybrid / DLE55
WWRC Lamsuk / DLE55
Primo Grande / DLE55

Those have been my favorites over the years, in chronological order. Had a ton of others that just never floated my boat.

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joebob said:
Had a ton of others that just never floated my boat.
Exactly! I think we've all had several but it's interesting to see which ones we really liked at the time. I know some of them I would hate at this stage in the game if I tried to fly them again. That little .40 size GP Extra I no doubt would despise now, but back then it was awesome!

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Hmm... If we fire up the WayBack machine, I remember:

Proctor Antic
Proctor Antic Bipe
Bird Of Time / OS .15

More recently, and without a fat, round buddy-cord or heavy brown Futaba Tx:
- CarbonZ Yak
- GP 25% Yak54 / XYX 53cc twin
- MoAss60/Hunnert
- Yak47 / 55ax
- EE60 e :gay:
- LiteBrite MoAss
- WWRC50cc LamSuk
- S'bach65 / 120ax
- ZamGBR
- ZamGBR Bipe
- WWRC20cc LamBach
- Modeltech Magic
- Sabre56 / Hunnert
- Primo25 / 40fp
- eFlite Beaver
- H9 Toledo Special
- LY60

- Case

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in chronological order...

US aircore trainer-K & B 40 BB 1992
aircore cub- OS .70 fs surpass
aircore Corostar
Model Tech P51 mustang .25 ARC- K & B 40
GP Cap 232 40- OS .70
sig wonder- enya .15 then recovered and stuffed a OS .25 fx in it
airflair stick it- K & B 40...then a Thunder tiger .46
Kyosho pitts s2b 40 arf- OS .70
GP P40 25 arf- OS .25 fx
used kadet senior kit bashed to a cub with bombay floor and lights- TT 52 4s
discovery of pro bros!
Mojo 40 arf- TT .46, Magnum .52, OS .70- RIP
moass 40- OS 70, Saito 82
Q su26 foam
Q Katana foam
Sbach 45 1 -OS 70, saito 82
DW foamie extra
freewing F86
Lamyak 15
Sbach 45 2, saito 82
Luscombe silvaire
primo 15

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I have only been flying for 5 years so my list is not as long as most of yours.

My all time favorite is a Focus Sport pattern plane. I never flew pattern but I learned a lot on this plane. It was the first plane I really took the time to set up properly and it flys so smooth and strait. I don't fly it much anymore since it is unobtainium now and I can't replace it if my brain-thumb interface fails.

Other favorites include:
Skeeter 36
Zamfir's GBR foamie
Fun Cub, wheels, floats, and skis
60 size Ultra Stick set up with crow, wheels and Skis

I have had several other plane RIP but the only 2 I have replaced is the fun cub and Zamfir's GBR foamie.

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Sig Kadet
Gentle Lady
Goldberg Falcon 56
Miss Martha (bet you haven't heard of that one)
A airplane I scratch built with no plans
Another airplane I scratch built with no plans
Viper pylon racer
Mongoose pylon racer (designed by my dad)
Great planes Fun One (modified to be light)
Goldberg Extreme 330 profile (dog)
Sig Something Extra
Skeeter 30
Skeeter 36
Mojo 40
Leadfeather epp yak
Moass 60
Sabre 35
Yak 55 UL
Scratch built epp Crack Yak

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Before the Bro's

Dirty Birdy
40 size Pitts S-2A
Goldberg Ultimate
Midwest 27% Extra
RCM Funster 40

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My most favorite airplanes are

Slow stick

E starter and funt park



Mojo 40

VH Yak55

The EE series

TWM .25 combat/Sky Raider II

ThunderTiger Fun51 and lazy cub

H9 Pulse series

PZ T28

Lightflite Bug

Avistar (flat bottom wing version) trainer

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gus said:
Before the Bro's
Midwest 27% Extra
I had one of those too - with a Moki 1.8

Before the Bro's
Kadet Mk II
GP BigStick

Flip 3D

Now that I really know what's best:
1. Chimera - Thick wing
2. Mojo 60 (Sold my MW Extra to buy the gear - best move ever!)
3. Sbach 45
4. Chakk

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BUSA Taube 40
Goldberg Eagle II
RPM Barnstormer 25L
Das Ugly Stick
Stick it 4&5
Goldberg Tiger II
Phoenix glass and foam pattern bird with YS .60 on a pipe
Kem Willard built Seamaster with that same YS on the pipe. Man was that thing a HOOT!
All time fav is the Sig Kadet sr.
Then I found the Brotherhood!
Mojo 60
Omp Hybrid
Mojo 65
Sbach 65
Chin Yak
GBR 32
Spaz Cap.
Sure there will be more.

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Let's see

Ace high with .049
Mos q tee
Honker bipe
Ugly stick of all sizes
World models cap 232
Sig cub and other cubs
SOS slope glider
Big bird slope glider
Airis F3F
Pike brio F3F
Bird slope and ds
Olympic glider
Ugly stick bipe
Ariel pattern plane YS 140l
Pursuit YS 120nc
Jekyll Ys 91ac
Nemesis YS 120
Kyosho swing glider
Stratos f3f
Hyper thermal glider
Poker pylon racer
VIP pylon racer
Shoestring pylon racer
World models t-34
Several profile foamies
Comp-ARF 330s DA150
Combat wing
Pop wing
Ellie micro extra
My high wing trainer
Hobbico extra 300s
Twin star
Fun jet
Primo 40
Slide 48

Geez the list can go on even more

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Cool idea for a thread. I started flying in 1992 at the ripe age of 8 with a Hobbico Flightstar 40. My Dad started flying with me and then about 3 years later my Mom began flying as well, so it became a family affair. Dad doesn't fly much anymore as he's returned to his childhood hobby of model railroading, but he's got a few planes left. Hard to narrow down 'favorites' as they were all great at the time.

Flightstar 40
Sport Flyer (low wing type plane, forget the MFG.)
Goldberg Eagle 2
Goldberg Tiger 2
Scat Cats with 40FP's (2)
Sig Fazer
Miles Reed 80" Extra 260
Midwest 27% Extra 300S
Dynaflite 89" PT-19
RC Guy's 98" Super Decathlon
Great Planes 27% Cap 232
GP Slow Poke
Lanier Stinger 10
GP Super Sportster 20 (my first kit build)
Slow Sticks
Rocket Powered Glider
VMax Q500 Pylon Racer
numerous blue core foam foamies
OMP 80" Edge
Kyosho Nexus 30 Heli
TT Raptor 60 v2
Original e-flite Blade CP
Hobbyzone Champ
Parkzone UMX T-28
Skeeter 30
Sabre 35
Sbach 25
E-flite Piper J3 Cub 450
Techone Swift
Flyzone Calypso
Flyzone Eraze

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Hmm... lets see. Notable birds:

Sig Kadet Jr - because I learned to fly with one. My father is actually building a replica of it right now. Should be fun!
Sig fazer - Not just because it was my first profile but also because I flew and loved it for so many years.
Ultimate Kaos - again flown and loved for many years
Sabre 56 #2 - probably taught me more about profiles than most of my other birds combined
MoCapAss #1 - my first real "next gen" profile.

I've had dozens of others over the years but those are the few that stand out.

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Carden Edge, 3W 100
EF Yak, Brillelli 50
Goldberg Extra, YS 1.20
Goldberg Ultimate Bipe, YS 1.20
Midwest Li'l Stick (my first multichannel airplane), OS .25
Lamyak 30, JC-30, then OS-33
OMP Hybrid, Brillelli 60
Slide 58
Morris Su-do-Khoi, OS .50 FSR
GBR foamie bipe
Fancy Foam Ultimate Bipe
Fancy Foam Osiris
Twisted Hobbies Laser
Twisted Hobbies Crack Yak Super Lite
UMX Extra 300
A low winger I designed and scratch built back in the 80s - partly because some guys at the field refused to believe I could design and scratch build one that flew that well.
Goldberg Shoestring Stunter, Supertiger .35 (control line - wore out two of them)

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Sport flyer 40L was made by Thunder Tiger and was an ARF. I had one for a VERY short time. Another one that had my old YS .61 on it lol.

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I've flown a lot and liked a lot but only two/three qualify as favorites. Primo's 40 and 60 and FliteLine Skooter II. I guess Mojo 60 should be in there somewhere as it was my favorite before the Primo's debuted.

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