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Extremeflight Edge 540T profile, built, almost new FS

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his is basicly a new airframe, has been built and flown maybe 3 times. I had an electric setup in it that didnt perform like I wanted, and need to move it for space and money reasons....want to setup my Flip instead. Only change to the airframe for electric conversion was I added a battery plate under the wing...This can pretty easily be removed if not needed. I used a dubro or goldberg gear on it instead of the stock alum ones, this is included also, as is the tank and some other nuts and bolts, etc. I will look, but I think I used the alum gear on another plane I already sold. Cannot ship this as I think it would be too big for even greyhound, but I will meet you within reasonable distance..maybe up to 125 miles from the Raleigh, NC area. I think Chris is out of these now until the next batch ships, so if you want tis

$140.00, or if you have a B50-13s or Axi 4130, we can talk trades

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Nothing is too big for greyhound. I have shipped planes that are way bigger than a .40 size profile. Let me know if you are interested in shipping. I have a NIB Tensor that is set-up with all brushless. It has the motor, speed control, 3 li-polies, charger, servo's and micro receiver. Let me know if you change your mind. You can email me at: [email protected]
Also, do you have any pics?

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