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anyone have real world experience with this one? im looking for an arf in that size range for my .30 magnum fs ar. video looks nice but would rather have referals from pro bros..
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Mine is yet to fly, but the plane is feather light, and well built. Mine is 2 pounds 1.75 ounces witah a 25LA.
I am a little biased but you really cant go wrong with that plane.
I had a .15 in mine and it was fun.
I now have a .25LA in mine and its FUN!

Lots of bros have this plane so I am sure you'll get lots if good info.
The only complaints I have heard from people are these:

Fragile construction
Gear isnt tall enough
Gator and Swany both have one, and seem to like them. You could holler at them for more info...

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im really hoping to use my magnum 4 stroke .30 weighs9.5 OZ
I'd love to hear about this plane with a 4 stroke. If I had a few extra buckeroos I'd put in a Saito 40. I was a tad bit short on buckeroos, so the 25LA got the go ahead.

Now, if the fargin' snow, wind, and cold would let up, I'd go fly the thing. We got about 5 inches again last night. It's supposed to go until noon today, and then again on Thursday.

Freakin' Wisconsin winters... :cry:
yeah, I like mine, it is a little fragile, and the CVA15 is just enought to make it hover, not much pull out power, but its still breaking in. I dudmb thumb mine in about a month ago, and a buddy put it back together for me(cost me a cover job :D ), next time I flew it it was windy as hell and I didnt have too much fun with it, now its to damn cold to go out and fly it....prior to me dumb thumb'n it it would do a killer hi-alpha KE
ive built some arfs and im telling you there is no way to beat this plane! it came today and m half done building it!!!!!!!!! the covering is perfect! hope to have her ready for saturday!
well took her out and Jens and I took her to the runway fird up flew 10 sec deadstick did this 3 times I thing the fule is foaming i saw bubbles in the fuel line so back to the shop she gos.. Ill post an update
wow aside from a finicky motor this plane rocks!!!!!!!! solid fly like its "bigger" I want one bigger!!!!!!!! Jens wants one Bigger!! the roll rate is awesome if i had to do over id use a .25 2 stroke. the little fourstoke will hover it but at almost full throttle but shes still rich so propping and break-in and maybey it will get stronger.
well my motor got worse and worse wouldnt hold a setting so instead of messin with it I returned it to the dreaded shhhhhhhhh hobby people :eek: anyway the new motor acts MUCH different.... two tanks but runs well.... ill let you know how it goes.........
still breaking her in but beter each tank! flew her agin today wow roll rate and solid would hover at almost full throttle but its still rich and im using a 9x5 when she breaks in more ill use an 11X4 whoooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

k&b aero .18??? very light!!!!!!!!! clarence lee says its a screamer
Guys: Need some help on setting up the 9C Futaba radio. Took the mini out yesterday...first time flight. It was cool. Now it is time to trim it out. I can't activate the elevator flap mix on the programming mix. I have activated the flap trim and assigned dial knob. Flaperon is activated but elevator flap mix is still not activated. I am using the Hi-Tech 555 receiver. What am I missing? Thanks....Will
isnt futaba ch1 and ch6 for flaperon?
I flew mine for the first time this weekend. OS .25 FP jerked it around just great! This is a great little plane! :D
as much as I like the magnum .30 it isnt the motor for this plane :cry: :cry: I bought an OS .25 LA today and will "join the crowd" im just hoping the mounting holes are the same lol
I'm going electric on mine. I think the PJS1000 might do it. This looks like a great bird without much weight. I'm stoked to get it in the air.
I absolutely love my Mini. One of the most fun planes I've ever owned.

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