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Everybody in Nashville is a ***!!

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Well, I'm feeling the blues over not being in Nashville, so I thought we could all sit around and insult those that got to go.

Who's gonna start?
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I'm with you there Gordo..
I bet they were up all night rogering a goat and smell like it this morning!
Damn did Chuck bring his goat with him....... Just think of the fun we are all missing........

All the guys in Nashville have been busy spanking the monkey. :eek: Also some feltching with Paul. :shock:


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Who wants to go to Nashville when I can stay home and enjoy this lovely weather? Thanks, Jeanne- you ***. ****. Whatever. Oh, yeah, you guys in Nashville? **** **** **** !
Those bastards. May they all be VIOLATED!! :lol:

rcam said:
Damn did Chuck bring his goat with him....... Just think of the fun we are all missing........

ewwwwwwwwwww :p
To all the **** in Nashville..... :drink: ...Hoist one for the Bros not present.

Wish I was there. :oops:
I wish I was there :cry: I still had a good time today at Laser Skirmish, although some idiot put a barbed wire fence in front of me, now it hurts alot.

Still ahd fun though.

Well some had to stay back in Cookeville to work on the new field. Hope you guys had fun.
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Ok skythumbs i fill real bad!
I'm sure all that went did not sleep at all last night!
I had to count planes in a mass hover to fall a sleep"HA HA"
:cry: I never wanted to be a *** so much... :cry:

All you Bros had better be tearing some shit up in honor of absent bros.

I flew all day Saturday, but it gave no comfort, as too few here are like the Bros.

I wish I was there, for sure.

:x BTW, everyone that gets to fly a prototype from one of our Bro designers is a DOUBLE ***!!! :x
Oh Fuck! I guess I am a double no tripple ***??? :D

Jealous Fuckers! :twisted:
hey guys, just posted a bunch of pictures in the Nashville pro-bro update thread. Jeff W.
I drove right through Nashville friday and sunday and wasnt able to stop.......that really sucked.
Them **** were lucky they weren't hurricane'd out!!!

I fly my nut sack off over the weekend...drained my Tx to flatline...
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