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Ever use one of these??

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I am thinking of picking this up but before I do I was wondering if anyone has any experiance with it. They also from time to time have a 2.5" compound miter chop saw that looks like it would be handy.
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I've read about a lot of other guys using this saw... As long as you use it for only lite stuff you should be okay.... Don't try to chop up any two by fours!!!

Seriously... I've not had the opportunity to try one... Let us know if you get it and how it works out.
The price is cheap enough..... Looks like I have to drive by one of their stores everyday to/from work. If they have one is stock I'll get it Friday night and let ya know.
Looks like it was desined for cross cutting. If you want to rip, it looks like you'll have to make your own fence.
OK went there today on my way into work (Shh dont tell my boss!) Anyway they had the table saw in stock but no display model so I can't tell ya much about it. I didn't get it (yet) as it comes with 2 blades 1 diamond and a 24 tooth "normal" one. I don't think these blades would be worth a crap for balsa. So if I can find a finer tooth 4" blade I will go back and get the saw.
I did get a little chop saw for $18.00! No pics yet and I cant play with it until tonight so I'll give a full report on Tuesday. It adjust from 0' to 45' degrees and swings a wopping 2" blade. Should be handy as I hate cutting sticks. Its a long story why. :D has 4" saw blades with 1/2' arbor holes. Got a carbide blade for my Jarmac saw that works quite nicely.
Yea, bought the 4" H.F. table saw a couple of planes ago. Works great for square precision cuts in balsa. Fabricated a fence with a piece of pine and a couple of hobby clamps, rip big balsa into little balsa. Con... it's weak, don't count on cutting any hardwood bigger than 1/4 inch.
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