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What do I need to get a nice BL & lipo powered E taco? I can't afford much but I want a nice plane for indoor and on nice days.
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Hope you got a big ass building to fly it in.
You don't need a big building, i flew mine in my living room and my basement a few times. It was really cool.
Check out Chucky's thread on the etaco...... He's using a Lehrner setup with a cobri gearbox that kicks ass..... He's running a CC 35 amp ESC and 2500 mAh 3 cell lipo's....

I've got a simular setup with a AXI 2814 that's pretty awesome... Not jaw dropping like chucky's, but pretty damn cool none the less..

Big cash though buddy.... None of this stuff is cheap... But the performance is awesome...
If he was gonna fly it indoors, I'd go with Scoles approach and make it out of Depron and use a Razor. As light as mine is, it's still almost twice as heavy (and expensive!) as Scoles method.
yeah, I'm not saying you can't fly indoors....I fly in a golf bubble every other wednesday. But a 28 oz balsa E bird is too much. I fly 7 oZ foamies in there.
Does it matter that a 28oz foamy can be flown just like your 7oz foamy?
They seem to find the walls alot faster. Also....alot of places have a 20 oz/20mph rule. Obviouselly the 20 mph would be no problem though.
I am just researching if I can afford it as a winter project. I don't have a charger or power supply. I want lipo's and BL otherwise electro sucks :lol: . The indoorhall we have is huge, and we have another one on the flying field, a hangar for real planes like a Catalina and some jets.

I think I don't want to spend more then 300 euro's on the plane itself. I think direct drive because I don't like the sound of a gearbox. I understand that 3s lipo's are enough?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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