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Engine moving advice needed

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OK guys here's my problem. I have an OMP Edge 540. I currently have all the possible weight forward as possible, and the CG is perfect. I'm about to make an order with tower and thought I would like to put a Tower muffler on its TT 46 Pro. I hear they are lighter and give a few more revs. I also have a 5.oz 6 V battery on it. I could drop 2 oz. by going to a 720 NiMH. After I make either or both changes I will be tail heavy. I had to move everything forward already to get the CG right after the initial flights. Like I said I'm out of moving gear around options. Well I could swap the wing Hitec 4225 BB servos for Futaba 3004, but I don't think I would get much help out of that. So, I'm might be looking at moving the engine forward. I haven't done that before. I'm worried about the engine rails being weakened by adding new holes. I haven't replaced the rails before, but that sounds tricky.

Will moving the engine forward and drilling new holes make the engine rail to unstable?

Is it best to replace the rails if you move an engine?

Any other ideas?

Actually I am getting an order together of gear for the MoJo. I just got the MoJo in the mail and thought I would up grade my Edge while I was ordering. My Edge came out to 4 lbs. 11 ozs. I could lose a little weight. What a cool plane! I earned my Pro Bro wings with that plane. No more circle flyin for me.

thanx guys, Dick PB 757
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Don't act only on my advice - wait for more a more qualified answer, pease. But I would think that a hole plugged with a bamboo skewer & elmers would be just as structurally sound as the spot was before the hole. So you should be able to plug & re-drill - till all hell breaks loose. I would worry more about getting the forward holes too close to the edge of the material. My rule of thumb is try to leave an amount of meat around the hole equal to the thickness of the material. If that's not clear - I can throw up a sketch from work tomorrow.
Don't even sweat it. I have planes I've swapped engines and moved engines over and over. Some I've filled, some I never did. Really it won't hurt a thing. It would take a lot of holes to really matter.
tater said:
My rule of thumb is try to leave an amount of meat around the hole.
dirty dirty dirty!

just plug the old holes with some dowel and epoxy, and drill new ones. No problem at all. Just make sure you clean everything first from oil before applying the glue.
it won't weaken it much to redrill. My boy had one that had a saito 72, 91, and later an mvvs 49. had to hog the mount for the 91. then I cut it square later and glued 1/8x1/2 spruce to bush it back down, epoxy/microballooned all the old holes, and put a norvel 40 on it. later sold it, and the guy who has it now has a saito 65 on it. still flying, and plenty strong.

so, bamboo skewer is fine, so is filling with epoxy/micro balloons. or nothing if only 1 set of holes!
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