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Electrics to Nashville

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Let's have a little electric festival at the Pro Bro in Nashville. What electrics is everybody planning on bringing to Nashville ? Wanna get a feeling how many electrics we will have.
Probably bring the new HL Raptor, Chuckflyer and the good ole Mini Gee Bee myself.
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also bringing my 3DX.
Esledge, Ultimate, and maybe Mini Gee Bee.
Chuck flyer and an Etaco
Shocked eSledge and maybe a secret project.
I have an E Switch Blade
E Protwister
E 540 T from Chrish H.

This is from me Billy - didn't realize I was logged as Guest.
Billy's a guest on his own forum..
Just my foamy Ultimate.
I thought that looked like his Harem....

Oh Chucky....I'm gunnin' for you pal.....
Will have an E-Yak there, if it survives that long!
Shock Flyer and Rainbow Ultimate
I plan on having an E-Edgeling there, along with the 'Smallest Profile in the World!!!' (when you read that you have to sound like an anouncer saying something amazing.... :eek: hahaha
E taco if it survives that lomg and an E yak foamy (if the wind isnt gonna be too bad)
I think we will need to have an electric masshover too. :D
I'll give it my best shot.
Still can't hover worth a schmuck!!!! :?
I will have a Chuck flyer and a Shock flyer :D
Electric mass hover sounds cool. We can see how tight we can get them all together for a picture.
I'm planning on bringing a HL Raptor and the MiniGeeBee.

An electric mass hover would be cool!
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