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electric fly in

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some guys that fly in an indoor soccer dome in spring field missour are have a fly in on the 27 of this month. should be pretty cool they are going to ahve vendors and such there. flown with them a few times for the most part they are pretty 3d friendly just one old man :evil:.
thought id let you know
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Hey, I might be able to make that. Are you sure they'll be 3D friendly? I'd hate to upset the apple cart! :wink:
Constrictor said:
edge540flyer said:
flown with them a few times for the most part they are pretty 3d friendly just one old man :evil:.

Brandon, is this the same place that kicked me and gary out for flying 3D?
if its the place its a great facility that has 2 completely seperate flying areas and even though we were the only ones flying in the other side, we were told "You are not welcome to bring 3D planes" by 2 or three of the older gentlemen.

I may come anyways they dont pay any rent or have any "deal" with the owners
Hey, if enough of us show, they'll be in the minority! :lol: Will all the MoFoProBros be there?
steve it is the same place but I have been flying helies and my chuck flyer there for the last couple weeks and only had one old guy say something had a talk with him and havnt heard anything else. they are going to have vendors I know troy from av8 will be there not shur who the others where.
Constrictor said:
i prolly will stop by but i dont do foamies. Just not my bag Last year i had my scratch built e knife there.
Yeah, you looked like you were absolutely hating my foamy at Tulsa :roll:
Will all the MoFoProBros be there?
I'll be there. But let's hope Constrictor keeps his promise of not bringing any foamies....Last year 3 spectators were killed by his 3DX as it thrashed around in the throes of death.
kinda sounds like a tribute I heard of once. think it made it trough three flight or somthin like that,
Look at these mugs!

Recognize any of them?? :D


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nice pic, could have zoomed out alittle more :wink:
There is plenty of detail there, if you know what to look for :D

And it's not my pic, I just dredged it up... 8)
so gordo you gonna make it up??
I'd like to, and am very seriously considering it. Being right after the short week, I may have work to do.

I play these things by ear. Are you guys planning to do some glow too if the weather looks good? I'd like to bring the Kat 70 over, and well as some others.
The indoor meet runs from 10-5, so I don't foresee doing any outdoor flying that day. Should be going out Sunday tho, weather permitting of course.
Constrictor said:
I got an Idea Gordo, Come on down on the day of the indoor fly in and we'll all just go glow flying instead! Leave the old circle turners to fly their foamies in peace and we'll have more fun at the field!
LOL I really like indoor, only done it once.Maybe we'll just stay an hour or two, 'til we wear out our welcome :twisted: Of course if the weather sucks, we might try to keep our welcome a little longer :wink:

On the other hand, I may be on my knees all day lating which case I'll cry me a river and be in a pissy mood all day :cry:
Where is the soccer dome located? Is there a map showing how to get there?

There are a couple other electric flyers in my club that might be interested in going to this too.

PLUS.....I'd LOVE to see Gordo's Kat 70! :D
That would be cool Dave, I'd like to see you cut loose indoors with a foamie!!!!
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