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EF edge 540

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I did this review a little while ago for RCU, don't know why it's still not on the RCU review page (waiting for some more OK's ), but I thought I'd share it with y'all. Most of us have this plane now, though....

One thing I have noticed is I want the CG back farther. I'm shoving the battery back, and I've even temporarily taped weights to the tail wheel. I've been having a hard time getting a solid, flat flatspin, as the video shows. So far, that's the only issue I have, otherwise I love this plane.

I've used an OS 46FX and MECOA 46 on it. Both give great vertical on APC 11.5x5 props.
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I'm done minus engine mounting and a test flight. At a minimum, it's a damn fine looking plane. I'm gonna shoot for a CG about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch aft of the spar. If I run into the no spin thing, the CG goes back to an inch. That's where a few folks have found the sweet spot.

My stumbling block now is the Funtana. It's flying pretty good, and it now has my Saito 72 in it. It will be in dry dock while the 540 flies. I do have my ST 51, but I really want to put the Saito in the Edge. So, here is the plan. I fly the Edge with the 72, and while the Funtana is on the wall, save up a few pennies for the new Saito 82. The Funtana could use a tad more balls on it, you know...
Tell you what....I have a motor that I could put in that Funtana. I'll pay shipping and won't charge you storage if you let me use it a while :lol:

I don't know why I'm struggling getting the CG where I want on the 540 without adding weight to the tail. I have my battery shoved all the way back in the wing and I have a MECOA 46 on the nose with about 1/4 inch between the motor and the fuse so I can feed my fuel lines through. I hate wrapping the fuel lines around the top or bottom of the fuse. I like the CG about 1 inch aft of the spar, but I can't even get it to 1/2 inch without adding weight.

I just ordered some Tetherite gear from OMP. I'm hoping they are lighter than the stock gear and will help get the CG back.

I'm having great luck with that MECOA 46. It has as much power as my OS 46FX on the same props. I wish I would have bought another one instead of the OS. I can't get the OS to transition well. I've deadsticked in a hover a few times already with it.
I don't suppose there is a spinner you could remove? Go from an APC to a Top Flite PP prop?

BTW, thanks for your gracious offer to store the Funtana, with your engine in it, but I'll just let it decorate the garage for a while. I actually tried to sell it this winter, and nobody locally bid on it. Now, at the field, I've lost count of the "gotta get one of those" statements. I was asking, get this, $75. These folks don't know a deal whan they see one!

I have another plane that may well replace it in it's current role, and then I'll look to sell it again. I built a GP Giles G-202 and put a monster tail on it. I used an OS 91 FX with a Jett tuned muffler. It should rock! I hope to have it up by next Saturday. This week is all about the EF Edge!
I'm running an aluminum propnut. I've thought about ordering some Zinger Pro 11x4's and 12x4's to try.

When you get ready to sell it again let me know. I might be interested in it. One of the better pattern guys in our club has one as he's getting into 3D...actually he's pretty good. He was putting some serious G's on his and the HStab snapped in half :shock:
Damn, I had hoped to use a spinner, but it might not be a go, then. I'm going to use the Saito 72 and a heavy prop. I might end up with my battery way back like you.

"Tashley" on RCU did the build thread with a 46 on it. His battery and RX are in the suggested spot, and he said he balanced at 1/2 back.

I might have to make some changes in the plan to get the CG back. With a mufler, the Saito weighs about 18 ounces. Any guess what your 2 stroke weighs?
I've had both my 46FX and MECOA 46 on it with the same problem. Tower says the FX weighs 16.45 oz w/muflr. says my 46 weighs 16oz with muffler.

It's just been puzzling to me, since I read so many threads about the CG comming out perfect.

I don't know if you saw...I edited my post above about the Funtana. I don't have the cash now since I just bought 3 LiPo packs and charger for a foamy setup, but later this year, if you decide to sell it again I might be interested. Might be able to talk my wife into an early Christmas present :D
If it hits the auction block, I'll post here (in the for sale forum). It has taken quite a beating, hence only $75.

Mine has not had a failure, but many have. The stabs, like the rest of the plane, are pretty light. If you don't do a good job doing the stab supports, it's coming off.
Well shit! :cry:

I put in the Saito 72, with just enough room to run fuel lines behind (like you did), and my CG is right on the trailing edge of the spar. I'm using the 14x4W APC (which is heavy as lead), and a spinner. I like the look of the spinner, and will try to move the battery back all the way in the wing. I may still have to lose the spinner, and get a standard width blade prop.

Bummer... :roll:

Maybe I could just hang the battery from the tail wheel wire? :wink:

I'll figure something out!
GREAT!!!! I'm not alone :lol:

I thought I was losing my mind, or worse....I can't build an ARF for crap!

Maybe I could just hang the battery from the tail wheel wire?
I've seriously thought about taping the battery to the side of the fuse. I hate dead weight. I tell you, this plane is so sweet with the CG back between 3/4 and 1 inch aft of the spar. Once you fly it that way you won't want to let the CG slide forward at all.
I like the look of the spinner
I don't thing the prop nut looke too bad, though...

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I saved 4 oz on mine by switching from an apc 16-4 to a lightened (ala Auger) zinger 15- 6 and going from a brass propnut to an aluminum. I still had to ziptie the battery to the horizontal stab to balance 3/4 behind the spar.
did I mention I'm running a Saito 100. wieghs 4 lb 10 oz and I'm likin it!!!!
TailTwister said:
I might have to make some changes in the plan to get the CG back. With a mufler, the Saito weighs about 18 ounces. Any guess what your 2 stroke weighs?
Actually the saito weighs in at 16.6 ounces with muffler. The only 40-50 class two stroke that could really possibly save you a few ounces might be the Webra Speed 50. Can't remember but I think it's like 2 ounces lighter than most of the 46's. Anybody got the figures?
Well, I took a few minutes this morning to give my CG some attention. I moved my battery all the way back into the wing. I mean it touches the inside of the trailing edge (inside) and the fuselage. Without mounting it externally, it simply can't go any further back. The total distance it moved is about 3 1/2 inches, so the impact on the CG will be minimal. I see no real value in moving the receiver in the same way, as it will have even less of an impact. My CG is still pretty much where it was before. Using my fingers to balance, I honestly don't see a difference. With a CG Machine, it might show up, but it was no big gain.

I've decided to fly it the way it is, and if the CG feels too far forward in flight, I'll lose the spinner, and order a wood prop for it. I really like the APC props, as they pull like hell, but they just weigh a ton. I think Zinger has a Pro 14x4, maybe that's the way I'll go...

The digital fish scale says 4 pounds 12 ounces, so lead is a damn last resort! :(
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Hey Guys, try the 14x4 Zinger wood prop and the Great Planes 2.5 inch spinner with the lightened aluminum backplate, an easy way to lose a few ounces off the front end. I pushed my Saito .72 all the way back on the mount and then drilled through the phenolic engine mount in front of the engine to route my fuel lines. I have a single pices of .25 ounce lead on the tail of the plane just in front of the rudder. This setup feels "just right" to me and is the setup used on the plane in the video on our website. I know many of you are hesitant to use the Zinger wood props, but I have had great results for the past 5 years using these props on profile aircraft. They are very light and spool up incredibly fast. While their blade may not be as efficient as an APC, they are great for our purpose.
With just a few minutes and a belt sander, you can modify the 14X4 Zinger to really perform well. Ask Sloan... :D

Just sharpen the the blunt LE and TE, then thin and blend the airfoil the same amount. Rake the tips a little to more of an APC-like shape, leave the back of the prop alone. Re-balance and you're done!

Really easy, and makes quite a bit of difference IMHO.
Zinger has recently released the Pro version of the 14x4 which is much closer to the APC shape. Haven't had a chance to try one yet.
Well, I flew it today, and man is that one hell of a plane!

The 4.75 pounds and a forward CG mattered not. I was a bit sad about leaving the Funtana at home, but the EF Edge made it all worth my wild! The Mini 3D seems more stable in a harrier, but the Edge shines just as bright in all other areas. With no mixes at all, the plane is just right. I did an all but stationary knife edge, in only about 5 mph of wind. I got the Edge up to a 45 degree angle, and little throttle. It was just hanging there, making almost no headway at all. It was a blast.

When it was on the ground, folks gathered to have a closer look, and when it flew, people just stood there and watched. There was one pilot flying his Sig Somethin' Extra while I was up. The stationary knife edge trick made him land. The Edge was all over that Sig like stink on shit!

Thanks to Chris, the plane is 100% exactly as advertized. Thanks to Wayne for keeping the pressure on for me to get one.

The Extreme Flight Edge 540T is right on the mark!
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Agreed....It's a great bird. I find it better with the CG back. Just try it once with a bit of lead taped to the tail!
That was the coolest freekin plane i have ever seen fly today twister!!!
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