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EAC Indoor Fly In Memphis, TN March 12th

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The Extreme Aerobatic Club and the Profile Brotherhood will be putting on an Indoor Electric Fly In. It will be held at the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, TN. The date is March 11th &12th 2005. This event is a one of a kind event. We will be conducting an all day open fly in with a freestyle contest on Saturday for the noon show. We are inviting a number of pilots that will automatically be in the contest and will have an open audition for the remaining 5 spots the morning before the contest starts. This contest will also have a very unique twist. All the pilots' identities will be hidden from the judges. This will be done to prevent any judging bios. This will insure that whoever flies the best will take home top honors. We will have two flight lines running with 5 pilot stations on each flight line. This is truly a one of a kind event. We will be playing music all day and have plenty of open flying. There will be pilot raffles and spectator raffles. AMA insurance required. Food and bathrooms will be available. We will have open flying from 5PM to 10PM on Friday the 11th and Saturday the fly in starts at 9AM and goes till 10PM.To view the Pyramid Arena click link below. It will cost $5 to get in the door and if you want to fly it will be an additional $15 for the landing fee.

For more information visit:

Come see for the first time ever The Extreme Aerobatic Club & the Profile Brotherhood Attempt a World Record Torque Roll Gaggle For The most Foamies Ever to torque roll indoors at the same time


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Not much going on in February, I should be there.
Jeff Williams
OH ya that sounds awsome!
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!
We are working on it on our end as well. Blaine lets talk on the phone.
615 373 1444 ext. 216
I would of corse love to see the Indoor in memphis there is alot of good placeing I think that could be had resonably if everyone was not opposed to like a 20$ landing fee


Cook Convention Center they have a freaking huge area very high celings etc

All of the buildings at the Fair Grounds would be big enough!

Desoto Civic Center

The Pyramid!! that would rock probally be exspensive!!!!!

I dunno what these place might charge for a night might be too exspensive I talked to the Desoto Civic center its a very large arena I think it was gonna be like 30 bucks a piece for 20 guys for around 5 hours!
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I know 4 or 5 of us from Cookeville will show!!

We miss our Freezer :cry:
Hey Guys, We have decided to have only one foamy indoor fly ins. We are going to have it in Memphis, March 12th. We are looking into getting a great place to fly. It will be held at either The Mid-South Coliseum or The Pyramid Arena.
Wow... That sounds great!!
Actually, we have a place here in Louisville, KY almost a done deal in early March. THe local college is lending their main gym and the cost will be very reasonable. Jeff Williams
I'll try to come over to Memphis, don't know about Nashville. Sounds like a GREAT time!!!
Any updates on the events? (L'ville, N'ville, Mempho?)

Really lookin forward to hittin one or all of them...
I will sadly decline. I just can't get down twice.

Any thoughts on shooting a tape. Even a semi professional job with all the flying possible on it would be good. I know Propwash Video does this, maybe invite them?

Otherwise, post vids of all the more interesting flights...
Any new word on this???? I am game. We are still working on one in the Louisville, KY area. Jeff Williams
what would be way cool is a indoor fly in coupled to the Memphis event. You fly one day outdoor and the next indoor. Two Po Bro's in one 8)
I HATE YOU BARSTARDS......... nothing like this ever happens in Australia
What's going on with this event???? Any word???
My understanding is that there is alwasy some foamy flying anyway. At the pool... Gators driveway... Hotel lobby... Hotel elevator... Parking lots... Jack's Pool... Jack's airplane trailer... Hobby Lobby's airplane trailer...

Is there going to be a regular indoor get together during thr 4/29 to 5/2 Memphis Pro Bro then?
I don't currently have anything planed for indoor flying for the Memfo ProBro... But we always do some foamy flying after everything else is put up.... Working on a place to do some indoor flying in Memphis durring the winter...
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