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E-OMP Yak 47"

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What do you think about this one? I started drawing out wing ribs for this plane to make a E version of it. I am shooting for a weight of 15-20oz in the bones, hopefully it will come out that way. I will probably need a motor that gives out 60-70 oz of thrust, and some batteries to handle that. This should be pretty cool, a 40 size that weighs 2-2.5lbs.

Chucky- How much is the Lehner, gearbox, ESC combo that you have, its the Phoenix 35 right?

I may have to go out runner root if it's too expensive.

This will be a build in progress, so if i don't post for a few days, remember i have ADD and am probably doing something else.
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The Lehner I have wouldn't be stout enough for that one. It's $235 for the motor/Esc/GB.

I have a Hacker B50 13S w/6.7:1 gearbox. It, the CC P60 ESC, a 4S2P 4400 pack, 17X10E, RX, 4 9001 servos, 5 cell 720 NiMh, CF gear and tires weighs 2 lb 2oz. I'm gonna come in at a little over 3lb with this set up on a light weight 40 sized Sledge.

I do have a Lehner 1530/9 should be here any day. With a planetary gearbox, it will be a little lighter and stouter than the B50S Hacker, but it's one of those things if you have to ask what it costs, you don't want it.
It was what I originally planned to use in the light Sledge, but I wasn't sure if I'd ever get it. Now that I have the Hacker, it gets here. :roll:

Also have a 1520/11 with a planetary gearbox that is going into a 85% Sledge. That one will be the baddest of them all I think.

An outrunner will be heavier, but cheaper. Life is a compromise.
Yeah, thanks for the info Chuck. I have been eyeing the Plettenburg Outrunners, they seem pretty effiecent, 78-84% from what i've seen. May go down that route. This is kinda hard cause if i make the plane and then don't want to spend the money for really expensive motor, ill just shoot myself.
Oh yeah, how much did that new Lehner cost?

The Plettenburg i have been looking at it the Orbit 20-14. Its $160 and seems like it has pretty good effeciency. I'm thinking i can run a 4s2p on it, and charge it as two seperate 2S2P packs cause my charger can only do 3 cells.
The 1530 w/gearbox (I bought the GB separate from AW in Japan) comes to $265. The 1520 w/gearbox was $30 cheaper.

Keep in mind that these are just 29mm motors, the same diameter as a Mega 15/xx/x.

I'm not familiar with the Plettenburg except that they are pretty close to top shelf, they make inrunners also.
I think i found the motor i am going to use. It's a plettenburg, but not an outrunner. It's going to be a HP 220/20/A2 P4 with the 5:1 planatary gearbox on the end. 13x7 or 14x6 will give me around 110-115oz of thrust just shy of 45 amps. about 81% effeciency there.

And, i am going to switch the plane to the Mojo, cause i really want one.
dont go 2p2s just cause your charger sucks you can get a charger that does 4cells at 2500ma for 50 the top one
then you can do 2 paks at 4s1p that are more usefull by themselves for smaller stuff
I just got that charger. So far, I really like it.
ive had mine for about a month no problem, it does get rather warm though when charging my 3s1p 2500mAh tanics, i might build a small box for it with a cooling fan
So hows it fly Scole?? :wink:
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