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e Katana

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Here's my latest project. If all works well it will be comming out to the public. Hope Billy doesn't kick me off the site for the free advertising.

Oh, yeah....we don't have any rules like that here! 8) 8) 8) 8)

Span: 36 inches
Length: 36.5 inches
Projected weight: 22-24 ounces (I hope)
Power: Lehner 1020/15
Gearbox: Cobri 6:1 (to start)
ESC: Pheonix 35
Batteries: to start out, Etec 3S2P 2400mah

I don't know how it's gonna balance, so I put in slots for the servos just aft of the wing and under the HStab, so I can move them around.


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That is too cool Quin... Me likey... Me likey...

I thougth about locking your thread just for fun... But I'm soooo thru will all that bullshit!!!!
Jeeze. Some guys get a little power and it goes to their head :lol:

Kinda like my "Post in proper forums" post :oops:
I know... I know... Sorry... :oops:

I'm feeling like I need to exact revenge on those bullies from RCU!!!
Didin't get as far as I wanted tonight. Wing is mostly done...just need a few more sticks in it, the ailerons and the Katana wing fairings.

At this point it's 6 ounces.

I re-did the bottom of the fuse, becuase I changed my mind on the battery mount. The solid balsa will allow for a few different ways to mount the packs.


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6oz is pretty good! Can't wait to see the finished product 8)
Well, all I got done tonight was the ailerons and wing fairings. Maybe I can start covering tomorrow. Motor is still on backorder anyway.


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Got the wing covered last night. Wanted to get more done, but I got hit HARD by allergies. I never sleep during the day and I slept until nearly 1pm. I feel better today. Drugs are GOOD! :lol:

Should be able to have the entire plane covered tonight and ready to glue together.

Now, I gotta call Bishop and find out where my Lehner is at :x
Patience, grasshopper. Troy at Bisop is a good dude, but his allotment of these motors is 10 to 12 at a whack...then 10 days to 2 weeks til the next batch. Part of the reason they are so unknown in the States, but a lot more popular in Europe...Lehner has no interest in supplying a large market. They sell what they want to in Europe, we get whatever they see fit to toss our way. I have some larger Lehners on backorder almost 2 months now.
Patience, grasshopper.
Wax on, Wax off....

Come on, dad! I want my motor NOW!

It's just gonna KILL me having this baby sitting here ready to fly.
How you gonna mount the motor?
The cobri aluminum gearbox is a stick mount gearbox like the GWS ones used on the foamies. I have a 3/8 hardwood mount in the nose, if you look close



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Base covering is done. All I had was Monokote, and I'm too impatient to wait for the mail order Solite, so I sacrificed almost 3-4 ounces.

As it sits, I have the 4 servos in, and the gear on and it weighs 14 ounces. Basically, I just need the motor/gearbox and batteries in her.

Next, I will add some "Katana" decals and trimming.


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Here is what I'm working off of for weight:

Airframe: 11
Receiver: .5
Batteries: 7
Servos: 3
Motor: 3
Landing Gear: 2
ESC: 1
Gearbox: .5

total: 28

Going with lighter covering would get the airframe down to about 8.5-9 ounces.
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Even at 28 oz it's gonna make you wanna wax off. :D
My e taco was 27.5 ounces complete and flies like a dream, dont worry about 28 ounces. Im probably up to 28 now because the torque of the motor kept breaking away my mount from the airframe so I put a little thin ply across the mount/tube to reinforce it. The only problem I have found with these light electrics is 3D'n in a breeeze. They will fly much better than a foamy in the wind but they dont hang and TR any better in a breeze. They get blown around pretty bad. Nature of the beast I guess
Thanks guys. I'm happy with it. I know I can get it around 25-26 if I want to by going with better covering.

Hope that motor comes in this weekend. I'm on vacation next week, and the family is not taking a big trip this year. We're just hanging around the house trying to get the basement finished, etc. I'm gonna take every morning to fly my butt off before it gets windy! 8)
Waiting on the Lehner motor and Cobri gearbox. Got it totally finished, except for the motor......

Here it is with it's big brother


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Wow looks great a chip off the old block. Feel free to send it to me as a gift.
Still no motor....Bishop offered to let me have a 12 turn instead of the 15 turn, with a different gear ratio since it will be probably another 3 or more weeks until the 15 turns get back in stock. If I don't like it they will swap motors and gears at no expense to me, so I accepted that offer. Hope to have the 12 turn motor by the weekend.
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