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E-Flite Ultimate Sharpiecoat TT style...

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Here is a pic or two of my E-Flight Ultimate.

Flying, I prefer the Tribute. The Ultimate has a couple of bad habits that show up at the worst times. I will say, however, this plane is one torquin' Sombitch!
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Damn... That thing looks pretty good!!!
Love the "negative" flames on the two wings! I guess I will just have to settle for being born beautiful...I got the shaft in the artistic abilities :D
like Paris Hilton would say "that's hot" :D
Looks great man.....but dude do you have to much time on your hands? :D
It actually didn't take all that long...

I made a stencil from cardstock, and traced it. Then it was just color it in...

I think the negative flames came out pretty cool too. That is my favorite part.
The toughest part was finding a white Sharpie. :lol:
I got a clear one I use quite a bit. I think's wearing out, it started spitting out black the other day..
Here's a pic of mine. It's not much but I think it's kinda cool..


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I got some clear neon I could use or send................ :roll:
TailTwister, thats a beaut.
Thats the shit man. Love the negative flames too. Whachya got on the bottom? More white sharpie?
DAMN!!! 8)

Even Gator likes it? :D Whoohoo! :D If I hadn't beat the livin' hell out of this poor plane already, I'd hang it on the wall like a freakin' Rembrant. Oh well, I guess I'll keep 3Dn the hell out of it.

The bottom is almost all white Sharpie, with silver bars to break it up a bit.

Is it bad that I used up all of my creativity on a single plane? :oops:

For my next one, I'm just gonna write TOP on the top and BOTTOM on the bottom. It's all I can come up with... :oops:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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