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DUH-HUH !! (a brief autobiography?)

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Geez, sometimes I should just slap myself. See, I'm not really a Pro Bro yet, I'm more of an ameteur Bro. I quit flying for about 5 yrs. and just started back a few months ago. The last plane I built before I quit was a scratch- built Profile I designed myself lossely based on the Morris Knife. I hadn't really heard of 3D back then, but Morris planes were supposed to do "hoverbatics".
Didn't have much spare money around here, but I found the plans for the SPA3D online and built me one. I beat that sucker up pretty good, but hell, I was dragging the tail around from like the second or third flight. Never got good at hovering, but I could harrier like crazy!
Then I get the itch to see what Balsa flew like. First I wanted a burrito. Then I figured since I don't have building tools anymore, I should get an ARF like the EF Edge or OMP Katana. Then I get a hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket and it's not quite enough for my first 2 choices so I go the LHS and end up spendinga buck 20 for a WingTote Heckler, which ain't even a PROFILE for gosh sakes, but looked like a winner when that feller in the video was flying it. So I get it together and I'm all set to go fly Sat. morn and I start her up here at the house to get my carb set, and my trusty ST .51 won't stay running. I farted around with that thing all day and got so mad I went and bought a Evolution .46 to put on the nose, came home, swapped it out and went flying. All I did was a couple short "trim" flights, as it was getting dark.
Next morning, I take off, and the plane made a loud POP and immediately started wanting to nose down real bad. I hit the flaperon switch and it wanted to nose down real bad. So it did. :shock: Broke it pretty good :cry: . I think the wing mounting bolt pulled out of its threads, but that's another story.Finally got the thing back up today. Again, just a few trim flights, but about three tanks worth. Did try some harriers and hovers. Seems a lot harder than the SPA3D, but I'm probably pretty rusty after about a month w/o flying. This thing may turn out to be a great flyer once I get used to it, but right now I sure do wish I'd have ordered the Burrito instead.
I think I've got the SuperTigre straigtened out now,too. Took the carb apart and got all kinds of trash out of it. Now if I just had another flight pack, I'd have like 2/3rds of my Burrito! :lol:
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As you are in the process of discovering through the long route, nothing in the .40 size stuff flies 3D as well as a profile.(Period)

I also dabbled in the other routes before seeing the light.
I'm also learning the hard way that it doesn't pay to get in a hurry or try to save a few bucks. I think this will be an alright plane. I may have gotten spoiled on the way the SPA3D would harrier by itself. All I had to do for an elevator was hold full up and adjust throttle for rate of descent.Think I'll have to build another until I get some more funds. It's also a lot easier to be bold w/ a $20 airframe that takes a few hours to build.
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