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Done screwed up already

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Hey guys,

I registered twice!! 1148 and 1149, anyway to get rid of the 1149? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Been flying for 5 months now and have been thoroughly abusing a SPA3D in anticipation of a OMP Katana P.

St. Louis bros hit me up
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Shoot, if that's the worst thing you've done, we'll put you at the head of the class! :D

Look up "Quicker"...he holds the keys to the elusive ProBro numbering system. Slip him a $5 bill and he'll help ya out.
Yeah and while you're at it get Chuck, Ulf and me a beer? :p
as long as you like Budweiser
I've never tasted a Bud i'm afraid. But hey if that is what's served then pass me 2! hehe
dbruening80 said:
as long as you like Budweiser
works jsut fine for me ! :drink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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